Julia Gordon-Bramer


Call or email ahead to schedule time

 For all appointments: Please call or email ahead of time to assure date and time availability!


Individual appointments:

One-on-one readings may be done in person at $60 an hour. Readings are usually done in a public place with quiet space, such as a bookstore or coffee shop at a mutually-convenient location.

Readings may also be done by telephone or Skype at just $1 per minute (no time minimum). First-time clients should schedule ahead of time and pay in advance. Regular clients tend to call for as long as needed, at a time that's mutually convenient.

Email readings for $35. Email readings can be done for questions on relationships, health, career, finance, Yes or No spreads, what's going on with someone close to us, or just a general "what's coming up for me?" situation. An email response will give you answers in detail, best course of action, and probable outcome, as well as any advice that shows.


"Thank you SO much for doing the readings at my party!  People were raving about them."
-- Terri Williams, former Mayor, Webster Groves, MO



There is a $200 two-hour minimum for all parties in the St. Louis area, with a $100 advance deposit (including dog parties).

Cost is $100 an hour afterward, and may be rounded up to the nearest fifteen minutes.

At parties and festivals, affordable rates of just $10 per person for about 10 minutes’ time; $20 per person for the preferred reading length of about 20 minutes (best for private parties). $60 for one-hour minimum private consultation. I usually meet in coffeehouses or bookstores at a mutually agreeable location.

Will travel for conferences, etc. (price negotiable, with expenses).


 Some clients hire Julia Gordon-Bramer to give free readings to their customers or staff  for special events,
trade shows, parties and more.

Q&A for all Parties and Special Events:

What do I need to furnish for readings at my party or special event?
Home parties generally provide their own table and chairs in an area quiet enough to have a conversation.

Julia Gordon-Bramer has her own tent, table, chairs, tablecloth and signage for your large events.

All Julia needs from you is a small bit of space where two people can talk.

How far in advance do I need to book Julia Gordon-Bramer?

This will depend upon when you are having your party. Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular, and Julia can be booked as far as three or four months in advance for certain events. Other times, a last-minute call can be accomodated. Please call to find out!  During holidays, parties are sometimes stacked (one early, one late in the evening), so please let Julia know ahead of time if you think your party may run longer.

Will Julia Gordon-Bramer stay to work at our party or event longer than we had originally planned?

Yes! As long as this does not conflict with another party date she may have that day or evening, Julia is happy to stay longer at her $100 an hour fee.  Time may be rounded up to the nearest fifteen minutes.

What if I want to cancel?

If you cancel a party thirty days or more before the party date, your full deposit will be refunded. You may be refunded in less time under certain circumstances, determined between the host and Julia Gordon-Bramer.

What if Julia Gordon-Bramer must cancel?

This has not happened once, but in the event of accident or illness, your full deposit will be returned to you.

Will Julia dress in costume?

Julia will dress to the occasion of your event, and in the past this has included formalwear, 1920s dress, and Halloween costumes, but in general, no.  Julia is authentic and no gypsy gimmickry should be expected. 

Can I have my party guests all pay for their own readings?

At some parties and festivals, Julia reads at affordable rates of just $10 per person for about 8 minutes’ time; $20 per person for the preferred reading length of about 15 minutes (best for private parties). $60 for one-hour minimum private consultation in person, by phone or Skype.

Will Julia Gordon-Bramer travel for conferences, locations out of St. Louis, etc.?
Yes. Price negotiable, with expenses.

Can tarot work with the theme of my party or event?

Yes! Customize your party or special event with a specialized theme deck(s), sometimes available upon request: current specialized decks include LGBT, cat lovers, animal lovers, black and white, Renaissance, and more.  Just ask--if I don't have it already, I may be able to find and order a deck for your party's theme with enough advance notice and an extra charge of $20.

Does tarot work for children?

Tarot does work for children, but Julia Gordon-Bramer does not read for children's parties due to potential conflicts with parents of participants who may have religious or other objections. If parent/guardian and child are both comfortable with a reading, Julia is happy to do so in a party, special event, or festival setting.

Can I combine a human and dog/pet party so that both people and animals get readings?

Yes! A party is a party, and the cost is the same.