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Julia Gordon-Bramer can read tarot cards for animals too!  Animal readings are good for owners needing to understand behavioral problems, the wants and needs of a pet, overall happiness, and more.  To date, Julia has read for cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchillas, and turtles.

Note: as cats are not comfortable travelers, she recommends readings either at home, or by telephone or email, with a picture of the animal sent ahead of time.

Call Julia Gordon-Bramer at 314.517.0158 to arrange a reading for your pet, or a pet party, now!

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For more information: call Julia Gordon-Bramer at 314.517.0158


Professional Tarot Reader

Connecting Pets and Owners through the Supernatural


Julia Gordon-Bramer, professional tarot reader and listed as one of Psychic St. Louis’ Top Ten Psychics ( ) , has expanded her services to include tarot readings for pets!

Having done a great deal of stray cat rescue, Julia began to use her gifts to solve animal behavioral dilemmas, to understand pet personalities, and to get an idea of past history when a stray occasionally appears on the doorstep.

“Reading for pets is similar to giving readings for children,” Julia says. “There is usually not a lot of complex emotion going on—which sometimes disappoints those who anthropomorphize their animals.  For instance, we’re probably not going to see something like spiritual growth, or a quest for truth. But this does not mean a pet does not have simple feelings:  a tarot reader will see lots of basic sorts of expressions: love, anger, frustration, pain, discomfort, fear—as well as longing and needs such as to run, to hunt, to hide from an antagonizing peer or rough person, etc.”

Gordon-Bramer currently has four cats of her own, one with litterbox issues which she had originally considered to be misbehavior --until she learned through the cards that it was actually his way of asking her to pay attention, as he was feeling ill. She took him to her vet to learn that he had Diabetes.  A cat of hers showed resentment toward losing his claws and having his teeth filed down and filled (he had been aggressive), and a young, active kitten expressed longing to go outside and hunt.

“That is a dream he will not meet in this lifetime with me,” she laughs. “My cats are indoor-only.”

While tarot cards in and of themselves is not a cure for misbehavior,  she stresses, understanding the cause of an animal’s actions or reactions can sometimes help a caregiver, veterinarian or trainer get to the root of a problem.

Julia Gordon-Bramer has currently read for cats, dogs, rabbits, and a chinchilla, but she sees no reason not to be able to do a reading on any kind of tame/domesticated animal. While one-on-one contact with the animal is always best, it is also possible for Julia to do readings from photographs with the name, a general description of the situation, and any questions the owner may have. Julia is beginning to entertain at “Dog Parties”, but prefers to home visit for cats, who are not naturally comfortable travelers. She emphasizes that people are still and will always be her primary customers for readings.

“The purpose of a reading for a pet is to enhance that relationship and understanding between a pet and its owner. There should be no reason to upset or harm the animal in any way,” she says.

Julia Gordon-Bramer’s pet tarot reading rates are $100 an hour for a home visit or party in the St. Louis area (any number of animals); and $30 for a detailed email reading from a digital or print photo of one animal.

For an appointment or more information, call Julia Gordon-Bramer at 314.517.0158, email, or visit: