Julia Gordon-Bramer

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Statements From a Few Satisfied Clients...


Parties and Special Events—

Give your party a unique and different kind of entertainment: tarot readings!

$100 per hour/2-hour minimum in the St. Louis Metro Area.


"Julia's consultations have been on the mark, bringing my attention to circumstances and events that actually come to pass.  I'm impressed with the accuracy -- and poignancy -- of her readings of the cards.  She's helped me pay attention to what my heart has been trying to tell me all along!  I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to her again for advice on a particular matter, or a general life reading."  -- Fred L., student


"You really made the party. Without you, we would have all just been a bunch of people standing around.
I heard a few people at the party say that they wanted to have you at their upcoming events." 

--Mike Diamant, St. Louis


I was so touched by the reading you gave me today. To be frank, your reading was the most accurate and wholesome of its kind that I have ever experienced in my life. You are so warm and genuinely gifted, and I was really amazed.

You might be interested to know that prior to our appointment, I wrote down 10 questions that I was curious about. I noted after our appointment that 5 of these questions were answered automatically by your reading and insight. Thank you! However, I continued to meditate on our discussions throughout the remainder of the day, and as I did, I began to discover answers to the other 5 questions!

It is remarkable that some answers to questions come immediately and others come gradually. So you might say that the exact revelation of all that we discussed is still unfolding!  --Jonathan K., St. Louis


"I have witnessed several of Julia's readings and have been dumbfounded by her accuracy as registered in the expressions and comments of those who she was reading. Chilling, except for the fact she is also a diplomat who shows judgment and discretion to avoid embarrassment or psychological harm. I have never seen anything like it, and I am a total skeptic. Julia is the real deal. To witness a reading by her is a thrill. I've never let her read me, because I'm scared of what she might find, and I would believe what she said."
   —Tim Leach, retired advertising & public relations executive
, St. Louis


"My friends & I all had a great time & still talk about it."   —Carla Munton, Columbia, IL


"Julia Gordon-Bramer has the best kind of interest in the occult: a creative interest. As a poet and scholar, as well as a person of deep feeling and insight, Julia's connection to the age-old art of tarot is instantaneous, refreshing, and rewarding. Her individual readings give a person new insight. She challenges the heart to feel more deeply. Beyond offering answers or predictions, she reveals techniques for problem solving, prompting a new sense of control over one's life and resources. Julia simply inspires."

                 —Dr. Steven Schreiner,  University of Missouri-St. Louis

"I got more out of one hour with Julia than I have from years of therapy!" 
--Jessica M., Glen Carbon, IL


Telephone and Skype Clients*—

Can’t find the time to meet? Live outside of St. Louis? Concerned about privacy? A telephone or Skype reading might be for you. While you might miss the fun of actually seeing the cards*, you’ll find that a phone reading is just as accurate as in-person ones.

*With video on, I can hold cards up to the camera on Skype.


"My experience with my reading with Julia was insightful and accurate. She called me promptly at the time that we had arranged for the reading and was easy to talk with. She gave me a thorough reading, taking time to discover the issues I wished to have clarity on, and interpreting the cards in a way that really resonated with me. Some of the things the cards hinted at seemed almost implausible during the reading, but I always take notes because the meaning will usually reveal itself later.  And boy, did it ever. Within a couple of weeks I learned of an opportunity to travel outside the country. I had almost let this opportunity slip by (thinking it was too good to be true), but the cards encouraged me to go on this adventure, and I'm so glad I did.

                 "I think tarot gives you a gentle nudge in the direction you should be going, and opens your subconscious. Julia is almost like a medium, as a gifted interpreter who uses the cards as a tool to help you unlock the parts of yourself noisy life seems to block out."

—Kellie Marlatt, Greenville, S.C


"My experience with Julia has been very insightful. I have had other readings and I usually consider it entertainment more than helpful. However, Julia’s reading was quite different. She was right on the money with what was going on in my life and how my personality relates to the decisions I make. I heard positive and negative aspects which were helpful. I did not make life altering decisions because of my reading, but I felt that it made me more aware of the choices I make and should not make. It gave me clarity and confidence to work through things that were getting in my way. I would recommend her to anyone. I know I found it to be healing and helpful."

                 —Stacie Herriman, Illinois


Individual, In-Person Readings—

If you prefer the one-on-one personal experience, and don’t want to be rushed in a busy party or festival setting, an individual reading is the way to go. Bring your list of questions, and feel free to record or take notes. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available, schedule depending.

60-minute minimum in St. Louis City and County.


"My grandmother read tarot cards with an uncanny precision, and while I marveled at the extent of her gift, I am absolutely blown away with Julia’s abilities and accuracy! More importantly, I am always touched by her mindful, intentional way of offering insights to support and encourage.  I have known Julia for 21 years and I have seen her combine her deep spirituality, keen intelligence, and great sense of humor with her warmth, optimism and caring for others.  Her work as a teacher, award-winning poet and writer, and her profound gift in reading tarot are all colored by her deep commitment to service and her profound caring for others. I count myself lucky to call her a friend!"

                 —Judy Ryan, President and Owner of Expanding Human Potential, St. Louis


"My reading with Julia was a complete pleasure. Her accuracy was amazing. I felt like I was talking to someone who'd known me for years - like an old friend. I couldn't have had a better experience."

                 --Amanda Wells, Landlocked Media, St. Louis

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