Transformers: A shape-shifting good time!
Julia Werner
7/31/2007 9:58:20 AM

Expectations were low: trying not to succumb to female stereotypes, the idea of giant robots crashing into each other didnít sound like much of a good time. But decided to see what the fuss was about.

In brief, Transformers could be described as Herbie: Fully Loaded meets Terminator, and in the best possible way. This fast-paced action packed flick combines out of this world special effects with lovable and humanlike machinery. The story follows the antics of main character Sam Witwicky, played by the somewhat annoying yet ultimately charming Shia LaBeouf. Sam, a nerdy and frustrated high schooler is suddenly promoted to hero status after discovering that the fate of the free world rests in his grandfatherís antique glasses. It breaks down like this: Autobots good, Decepticons bad. Both are alien life forms from planet Cybertron vying for possession of the Allspark (hidden somewhere on Earth) which grants its possessor unlimited power.

So basically, itís a highly entertaining two-and-a-half hour game of hot potato. Whereís the Allspark, whoís got it, is it safe yet, and what the heck is it really? Along the way, youíll find yourself becoming attached to the bots, who are surprisingly empathetic characters; Bumblebee (Samís beat up Camaro) and the famous Optimus Prime in particular. The story also manages, like many before it, to squeeze in a boy-meets-girl among chaos scenario and Sam is accompanied through most of the movie by his dream girl Mikaela (played by Megan Fox). Other secondaries include Josh Duhamel as a gungho Army Captain, Jon Voigt as the Secretary of Defense, and John Turturro as a slimy FBI agent.

Overall, thereís a heart behind the metal and dare I say it? Transformers is more than meets the eye.


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