Evergreen Terrace, August Burns Red, Casey Jones: Music, or Madness?
Ross Gordon
8/2/2007 11:13:23 AM

Sometimes people just want to get rowdy and let off a little steam. Bands know this, and most cool ones will happily oblige, even jumping into mosh pits themselves. But it’s a different thing entirely when people get hurt, and when crowds come specifically to kick ass—anyone’s ass—and they’re not even there for the music. This has been a regular problem at the hardcore shows at St. Louis’ Creepy Crawl lately, and on a hot night in late July, some of the bands finally had enough.

First up to play was Casey Jones, a straight-edge band from Jacksonville, Florida. They had their own fans for the show that only seemed interested in CJ, and showed up with black X’s on their hands showing that they claimed the Straight Edge lifestyle. Josh James, vocals, is also the guitarist for the headlining band, Evergreen Terrace, so every night on tour playing two sets is probably pretty exhausting. They opened up with “One Outta Three had an STD,” followed by a few songs from each of their albums. They also played a cover that most of the crowd seemed to know, “Minor Threat,” by Minor Threat. They closed with “Know this X,” leaving everyone pleased after all the group chants and such an active set.

Next was August Burns Red. With a new album just coming out earlier this summer, everyone seemed very impatient during all the sound checks and stage preparation. After doing their quick “prayer” before their set, they opened up with “Your Little Suburbia is in Ruins,” the opening track for their first album, “Thrill Seeker.” Next came “Truth of a Liar,” the opening track for their new album, Messengers [Solid State]. They played their set playing mostly new songs off Messengers, definitely a good thing, but they still included the old favorites. After playing eight songs, they closed with “The Seventh Trumpet,” the outro song on the old album, which excited everyone to the point where at least 20 people from the crowd were on the stage.

After two very active long sets, not too many people seemed to have left and everyone was still excited for Evergreen Terrace. Evergreen has been around for a pretty long time compared to the other bands. They just released their newest album, Wolfbiker [Metal Blade], which they were selling a few hours early before the actual In-Store release date. They definitely had everyone moving around a lot and played a really good set. A big surprise was their cover of “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” by U2, which everyone seemed to know. Drew, vocalist, kept lecturing the crowd on how the fighting at these shows needs to stop, and how everyone came to the show to see a show, and not a fight. But the crowd didn’t seem to care, and the punches kept on. This eventually pissed him off enough to say, “This is a show, not a fucking show off,” as his last words as he threw the mic down.

Photo of August Burns Red is a still shot of a video, taken from their website


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