Strange Noize, to be sure: TechN9ne with Kottonmouth Kings, (hed)p.e., and Subnoize Souljaz
Sam Gordon
8/3/2007 9:27:37 PM

On Sunday, July 29th, The Pageant was packed with a perfect mix of hoosier "juggalos" and suburban white kids that showed up for the Strange Noise tour. Strange Noise is a tour of the two biggest indie labels in the country for hip-hop, Strange Music and Suburban Noize Records.

The show started with the Subnoize Souljaz who put on a pretty boring show to say the least. Every song seemed to sound the same and the crowd didn't really get into it too much. Following Subnoize Souljaz was Psychopathic records (Insane Clown Posse's label) recording artist, Blaze. About half the audience got really into it, and it was no coincidence that all the fans were the ones in ICP and Twiztid t-shirts. Blaze was on about half an hour and then came new suburban noize artist, (hed)p.e.

(hed)p.e. came on stage with a lot of energy, talking about how they are new to the label after leaving Jive records. The stage performance was good, but the music was just not what it used to be, and the former crowd energy wasnít there. Their entire act was made up of brand new songs, which frankly are not good. Not one song from an old album was played and the crowd seemed a little bit bored.

When Kottonmouth Kings took the stage, the show picked up. Kottonmouth Kings played a bunch of old songs that everyone knew, and had a very entertaining stage presence. The second they went on stage, the entire place smelled like pot, and in between songs they went on and on about how marijuana needs to be legalized. On stage with the band was the bands dancer Pakelika, who held up a giant fake bag of weed for one of the songs and held up various signs during the other songs. He has his own crazy style of liquid dancing seen nowhere else. Also, Taxman was on stage, who dresses in all black and white and looks like a Dresden Doll. Taxman is known for yelling political stuff through a megaphone, and also used to appear with Corporate Avenger. Kottonmouth Kings had saved the evening after the three disappointing openers.

When Tech N9ne came on stage, the crowd went crazy, and for the first time in the whole night, everybody in the club knew the music and were into it. The Blaze fans knew just as much Tech N9ne just as much as the Kottonmouth Kings fans did. Tech N9ne played at least 20 different songs, rapping his part of the song at his usual extreme speed, since a lot of his songs have other rappers do parts of the song. Accompanying him on stage were Kris Kalico and Kutt Kalhoun, fellow Kansas City, MO rappers that appear on all the Tech N9ne albums.

The three guys all wore red suits and danced around the whole time.
Tech N9ne wore a phantom of the opera mask the whole show. Each guy had their own moment of the show. Kris Kalico had his moment showing off his wonderful singing voice to the crowd, singing a song to a girl from the audience. Kutt Kalhoun showed off his dancing skills, which I must say are far better than Pakelika of the Kottonmouth Kings. Tech N9ne had his moment during his performance of "This Ring." Where he came out in a kingís throne chair, with all lights on him. Everyone in the audience knew the song, as he is the only rapper in the whole tune. Tech N9ne's performance was awesome to say the least, and the show finished off with all the members of all the groups getting on stage to perform a new song that will be appearing on the Kottonmouth King's new album. Tech N9ne said the tour will be going on every year starting this year, so letís hope they switch up the openers and keep the main acts for next year.

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