The Simpsons Movie: Does it live up to the hype?
J. Gordon
8/3/2007 9:29:18 PM

OK, so it was pretty funny. But as is true with anything thatís over-hyped, The Simpsons Movie couldnít possibly live up to the build-up, which included non-stop commercials, posters at every city bus stop, billboards and a complete MySpace takeover. For my seven bucks, I expected something at least as wonderful as Southparkís Bigger, Longer and Uncut. What did I get? Another pretty good, longer than usual (but at 90 minutes, still short for a movie) episode of The Simpsons.

The real joke here is thatís exactly how the movie begins, with the family in a theater watching, before Homer stands in everyoneís way and chastises them for paying for something they could watch on TV. The movie then changes course and Homer, in his quest for doughnuts, destroys the fragile ecological balance of Springfield (a playful nod to Al Goreís Unintended Consequences). Meanwhile, Lisa is canvassing the neighborhood to stop pollution, Marge is pulling out her blue hair over the newest member of the Simpsons, a pet pig, and Bart is not-so-subtly abused and neglected, but funny as ever. While the humor is PG-13, thereís nothing really offensive beyond a scene with a bong at the end. Big deal. I hate to break it to you, but thereís a good chance your pre-teen has probably already seen a bong in real life anyway.

Most teenagers I know have seen The Simpsons Movie two or more times already, so itís obviously doing well. Itís a great summer cool-down on a scorching day. But a great movie? Nahhh. Stick with Southpark.


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