Bjork weaves colorful emotions vocally with Volta
Tim Type Jordan
8/17/2007 3:45:55 PM

Bjork’s 6th full-length studio album, Volta [Atlantic/WEA] is a colorful foray that revisits many aspects of her stellar career. Not only is she an Academy Award-nominated actress and owner of her “One Little Indian” record label, but her records and performances are legendary. It is hard to describe how she sings: Airy, sensitive and feminine, yet strong, confident, and big. She has a way of writing and delivery that is super-human. I’ve never been so moved as with her music. I have saved making love to her records to when I meet the person I will commit the rest of my life to. Why would I write this? If I loved someone, shared those intimate moments with such personal music, then broke up; I fear my heart would not make the journey back into my chest. Plus, I only want to share such intensity with one person in my life. Bjork has a way of invoking deep emotions no musician can. She is unique and embodies art like no other. Any fan of hers will love this album. Any new listener, who can handle it, would be happy with this album before buying all the rest.

Volta utilizes percussive beats and musical patterns to balance the otherworldly vocalizations. Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley contributed 3 tracks to the record and they are the standouts. Even though the record was accidentally released on Itunes 2 weeks early, it continues to sell very well. This is a solid record in every way, and one can hear bits of all her records in this one. It’s on heavy rotation in all my medias when I want to feel rather than be just entertained. Not everyone cares for her artistic and unique vocal style. Rock and Roll people might have a tough time with the sometimes swan dress wearing, reporter attacking, eccentric celebrity. Bjork is an artist to be admired not only for her skill, but her vulnerability. If I could use other musicians to describe her, I would--but I can’t. She is in a class by herself.


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