Hell's Fury: Sounds of the Underground Tour 2007
Ross Gordon
9/4/2007 8:44:34 PM

It was another scorching hot summer day in St. Louis—a day that felt like Hell itself—which means the perfect day to host one of the last stops on the Sounds of the Underground Tour at Pop’s, starring The Devil Wears Prada, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Job for a Cowboy, Everytime I Die, Chimaira, and of course… Gwar.

First up was The Devil Wears Prada from Dayton, Ohio. Due to many of the bands on the SOTU tour not playing St. Louis, this band played first. They opened up with “Modify the Pronunciation,” and played a few songs off of their old album, “Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord.” They played one song from the new record Plagues and closed with the old single, “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over.”

The next band, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, definitely had more of a crowd, probably due to the fact that the first band up played while people were still coming in the doors. With the new release of their new album, Mongrel, they were better known and received on this tour. They played many of their incredibly fast, but slightly jazzy songs, definitely having their own style.

Job for a Cowboy is one of these metal bands that most people probably can’t tell the difference between any of their songs. They seemed to have one of the bigger crowds of the day, however. They played about 4 songs off of their “Doom”-EP and several songs from their newest record, Genesis, which this writer met with disappointment.

Every Time I Die was another band that didn’t fit in with all the death metal everyone heard all day, but that didn’t keep away a ton of fans excited to watch them. ETID was one of the many bands on the tour who either just came out with a new record or will be shortly on the tour. The Big Dirty, out September 4th, has already been leaked on the net, so many fans already knew the entire album. They played songs from every record, and excited everyone by playing “The New Black,” which was featured on Guitar Hero II. They closed with “Floater,” from the album Hot Damn! leaving everyone pleased.

When Chimaira played, this was the point when about half the crowd left, and about a hundred “Metal-heads” poured in. They played a lengthy set seeming to please the crowd.

And then the headliners… Gwar. When the band started to set up props, sound check etc, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’d overheard the conversations about the blood and various other body fluids that squirt the crowd. I expected insanity. Unfortunately, when they finally came on, I basically thought it was the most stupid band ever. They were Horrid. The music was. The fake blood shot at you was. Everything was. As they played their first few songs, all I thought was that it was really, really bad. They didn’t seem to have the crazy set I kept hearing about. But I was wrong, definitely. Really, really bad music continued along with the crazy that was promised. After the opening song, one of the ‘vocalists’ (and we’ll use that term loosely) said something about how their Asian friend was coming to the stage. They brought out a huge doll of Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. He shot fake guns at the band but before you could see what was going on, a band member chopped his head off with an axe, as blood and mucus sprayed the crowd.

Curiosity satisfied, I doubt I’ll need to see them again, but the rest of the SOTU tour kicked ass. Thank Satan and all his gory helpers that there’s not much hope for Gwar leaving the underground.


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