HIM: Bring on the Doom!
Maudie M. Rooks
10/7/2007 9:37:26 PM

Greatly inspired by other great bands such as Black Sabbath and Type-O Negative, and with covers of classic songs like Wicked Game [Chris Isaak], and Solitary Man [Neil Diamond], Finland-based rock band HIM have a decade of music under their belts which include their own respective line of hits. The sixth full-length studio album, Venus Doom [Warner/Sire] dropped worldwide September 17th and September 18th in the USA, the follow up to 2005's Dark Light which became the bands break into the United States, entering the charts at #18. Venus Doom brings the familiar heavy sound which fans across the globe have embraced over the years. Much like their classic album, Razorblade Romance, the music is guaranteed to please.

The title track of the album, "Venus Doom," opens with the sound with the strike of a match, the sound of a sigh -- then breaks into a superb guitar riff. Each word of the title track is more than enough to get speakers blaring and voices singing along; itís a pure work of excellence. Ville Valo's rich vocals shine through with his poetic lyrics along with a deep chorus, not only on the title track, but throughout the entirety of Venus Doom. The band fully embraced the sound with great success.

During the track "Sleepwalking Past Hope," a beautiful piano sequence begins much like "Join Me In Death" from Razorblade RomanceÖ and soon breaks into yet another guitar riff that blows you away. At a length of ten-minutes, "Sleepwalking Past Hope" is one of the gems on this album. Filled with rich vocals, lyrics which weave a story, all backed by a band which play their own unique roles.

Also among the beauty of the CD is "Kiss of Dawn," the first single. Beginning with the lyrics, "Blinded I am and so are you, by shedding tears," this track easily weaves a story of love found and lost. Longing for that one last kiss before dawn. Incredible beyond words, Ville Valo has penned a masterpiece.

"Bleed Well" is yet another gem which stands on its own. It points out how at some time in life, we've all got our demons to kill. Words can't really describe the beauty of the track, which has to be heard to be believed.

With a total of nine tracks, Venus Doom this album is sure to please the HIM fan in your life, or become a wonderful addition to your own collection.


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