Bury Your Dead, Bring Me the Horizon, Ion Dissonance and Nights Like These
Ross Gordon
10/18/2007 10:39:10 PM

You know those shows where it seemed like the band that isn’t headlining is the one who most people want to see? Well, this was definitely one of them. On October 3rd, kids waited in long lines outside of Pops, anxious to see Britain’s Bring Me the Horizon, on their first tour ever in the US.

First up for the night after the locals was Nights Like These. NLT is still a metal band, but their newest album out October 16th, Sunlight at Secondhand [Victory Records], definitely shows that they are going for a different sound. The new tracks seem to have much more delay and experimenting with guitar. They played mostly new stuff which didn’t seem to bother anyone in the crowd.

Ion Dissonance is a band that is absolutely original in sound. With crazy guitar riffs, very fast drums, and loads of undeniable talent, these guys aren’t like every other cookie-cutter band out there today. ID played many songs of both their albums and the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

So, yeah. There were some good sets and everyone was in a good mood. But they were all definitely anxious for Bring Me the Horizon—direct from the UK. After ID finished their set, the audience quickly gathered around the stage to be as close as possible. The sound checks went on and on… Finally, all of the band was out except for lead singer, Oli Sykes. If you don’t know anything about Oli, well… let’s just say that all the little girls are obsessed with him. As he came out, the fans cheered for the actual music, and the girls just screamed for Oli. They started their set with “Pray for Plagues,” the first track off their full-length CD, Count Your Blessings. They played only songs from their full-length, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. BMTH also got points for being the craziest band of the night, considering the vocalist was stage diving and having the crowd hold him up while he screamed. They played a short set, but definitely some of their best songs, closing with “For Stevie Wonder’s Eyes Only.”

Headliners Bury Your Dead took over from there. Feeling comfortable usurping the throne from the kings, BYD was violent and chaotic and fun. They opened up with “Losin’ It,” a big musical, earth-shaking breakdown, and everyone did just that—they lost their minds. These intimidating, tattooed guys have great stage energy and are a must-see band in the hardcore scene.

But sometimes, even must-see can’t steal the thunder from the horizon.


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