Our Type of Mardi Gras!
J. Gordon
2/3/2008 7:26:49 PM

Weeee! What could be more fun than mad-cute dancing boys in big hats and beads? Than rap reuniting with melody for a Mardi Gras night? Than bizarre Haikus countering Kafka and Seuss?

Let’s go to Soulard
An old woman in leather
will make me her dog.

Typewriter Tim brought his new creative arrangement, Typadelic, to the Schlafly Tap Room to give Soulard a run for its money. Like all good Mardi Gras fun, this was a mixed crowd of sideburns and braids, Addidas and Army boots, Fake IDs and retirees-- as key to the good time as the music.

Opening the show was the local sextet, Illphonics, a rap band—and we want to stress the word band, who rocked it hard. With a good-looking, powerful frontman and a great old-school (dare we say classic-rock?) instrumentation, Illphonics is actually doing something different. Think Beastie Boys vibe without the white Brooklyn boy schtick. This mix of sounds and cultures easily lends itself to picking up where The Urge left off in the 90s. What they don’t have in The Urge’s horn section or Steve Ewing’s pretty tangents, Illphonics make up for in raw power and an updated sound. Check ‘em. We dare you to sit still.

In between sets, the Mardi Gras Haikus continued:

A Mardi Gras Queen
Gave birth to me on a float
I rolled into traffic.

Typewriter Tim headlined with Typadelic—his experimental, occasionally jazzy debut. Typedelic is a three-piece (for the moment), with member switching around between keyboards, sax, percussion and of course, the typewriter. Vocally, Tim’s still all about the rap, and he dosed this crowd with the full story of the picture book Where the Wild Things Are, backed by an instrumental groove and easing into the opening from Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Only Tim could make that transition feel natural.

With newly blond, long dreds and an arrow shaved into his head (“always moving forward!” he says), Tim was a little more subdued than this Mardi Gras crowd, but no less hypnotizing. A high point was when Dr. Suess’ Cat In The Hat was transformed into a hardcore rap. T. Menace also made an appearance as a guest emcee (“it’s so Typadelic, if you can’t hear it, you can probably smell it!”). “MySpace Crush” was another favorite tune of the night, and the crazy, spirit-filled “Warriors” knocked everyone to their knees, showcasing Tim’s melodic screech and ending on a quiet typewriter ‘ding’. But if you’re thinking all this fun lends itself to an All Ages crowd, think again.

Next, Tim got the crowd rapping with him on a song he dedicated, “To anyone who has an ex…” with an angry chorus that went, “No, we can’t be friends, but we can fuck!” Tim closed the show with the crowd dancing and chanting along to the most familiar (these words are remembered, even in the height of a drunken stupor) juvenile literary tune, Green Eggs and Ham.

Ah yes, St. Louis Mardi Gras the way it’s supposed to be… for all types.

Show me them fat tits
I said show me, goddamnit!
I gave you beads, bitch!

Haiku by Jake Weisman


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