Despite a night of freezing temperatures, Flogging Molly receives a warm response
John Kujawski
2/17/2008 6:33:42 PM

February 6th may not have seemed like a hot night for a concert in St. Louis, but for the entire time they were on stage, Flogging Molly was on fire. It was a good thing too, because fans were certainly excited to see them. Many of the audience members, most of whom appeared to be in their twenties, were so willing to show their loyalty to the band that they walked through the crowded parking lot of Pop’s wearing their Flogging Molly T-shirts in freezing cold temperatures. But despite the fact that it was a weeknight and seemed to be a good night to just stay inside, the show was sold out.

Two opening bands got the audience warmed up before Flogging Molly started their set. Both Dusty Rhodes and the River Band (from Orange County, CA) and The Reverend Peyton & His Big Damn Band (from Indianapolis, IN) were well-suited for the crowd that was craving upbeat and lively punk rock. After plenty of build-up, the crowd exploded in applause when Flogging Molly began to play.

For an hour and forty minutes, the band gave people good reason to be glad they came. Singer/ guitarist Dave King was amazing from the get-go, taking center stage with confidence, and connecting with the audience so well that even the people up in the balconies were on their feet. King’s hard-hitting vocals sounded perfect over the high-energy sound he and six other band mates produced. Overall, the music was so fast paced that it was easy for the kids to find time to body surf or slam around in the mosh pit. In addition to King’s strong stage presence, Bridget Regan’s violin playing was literally stunning and mixed with the guitar parts; it added a unique element to the sound.

King, who was born in Dublin, Ireland moved to the states and in 1997, formed Flogging Molly in Los Angeles, California. Despite playing music and touring over an entire decade, King still has his sense of humor. He didn’t seem to mind giving the audience a few breathers throughout the night, and was certainly entertaining when the music would stop. He asked if the TV sets displayed around the club could be turned off, he informed the audience of the latest soccer news, and at one point, complained that the elastic in his underwear had broken.

While both the band and the audience worked up a sweat, there were a couple songs that truly shined. One was ‘‘Seven Deadly Sins,’’ a crowd favorite that had many of the people in attendance singing away, and a melodic one called “Float” off the upcoming CD of the same title, due out March 4th [Side one Dummy].

Flogging Molly certainly received a warm response in Sauget, Illinois and with any luck the band will return shortly and play what is sure to be another hot show.


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