Thursday: N.J.'s Finest
Mike Hess
6/16/2002 8:05:15 PM

New Jersey natives Thursday set the bar for any future emo/hardcore bands to come out of the Garden State with Full Collapse[Victory Records], their driving and balanced label debut.

Sure, New Jersey is mainly known for its bad drivers, cheesy guys with mullets who drive ’85 Iroc’s and endless shopping malls – but few ever recognize Jersey for its tremendous music scene. The East-coast hardcore/punk underground scene will forever thrive, and it’s because bands with the quality and musical knowledge of Thursday keep coming along. The band is still extremely young, but one listen to Full Collapse will prove that they’re writing music well beyond what their birth certificates read. Smart, ironic lyrics are paired up with bassy breakdowns and delayed timing to drive home the sound of these New Brunswick natives.

Their first single, “Understanding In A Car Crash” has been catching serious buzz on mainstream radio, television and so forth, due to its crafty guitar work and the peculiar voice of singer Geoff Rickley. Traces of Joy Division and other punk can be heard through out, though Thursday definitely have their own sound.

That sound and their success is mainly due to one aspect: the strength of bassist Tim Payne. It’s Payne’s thundering bassline in “Understanding In A Car Crash” that leads to a breakdown that you simply MUST bob your head to. When paired with Rickly’s timid vocals and throat-scraping background screams, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Perhaps the only track that may be stronger than “Understanding” is the dramatic, see-saw ride “Autobiography Of A Nation”. The song again thrives on the harmony/scream pairing, but the chugging guitar power chords and hardcore bridges best display the full potential of the band.

Look for “Autobiography Of A Nation” to really excel the album forward (possibly as the next single), and also give “Paris In Flames” a listen if you’re looking for a musical roller-coaster.

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