Coachella 2008: Out of the Box
5/5/2008 8:11:10 AM

Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
I will be brief.
~William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Coachella 2008. Heat, hunger, filthÖ all the things you come to love about a music festival-- with one important difference: Coachella has consistently better, cooler lineups, out lolla-ing Lollapalooza, out forking Pitchfork, and we wonít even bother with Bonnaroo (except of course, for the year Radiohead was there).

So, this Coachella? Night Timesí Man-In-The-Field, Boxy, gave us a play-by-play via text message. Iíll keep the personal comments in to get the full feeling. Here you go:


7:58 pm. So far, minus the bear and aphex twin, fatboy slim and vampire weekend were good. Waiting for hot chip and death cab. Then portishead and prince.

8:04 pm. Helen is here somewhere.

8:10 pm. Will do if I ever find them.

8:22 pm. [Iím hanging] With other friends. Hot chip rockin it.

8:27 pm. Hot chip really amazing right now.

8:34 pm. Yay death cab!

10:50 pm. M.I.A. and hot chip have been the best today.

11:30 pm. Portishead. Worth the 15 year wait.


3:20 pm. Prince was the best ever.

4:35 p.m. Yup. Justice tonight. Prince covered creep by radiohead. So awesome.

4:48 pm. Pretty hot today but itís been perfect all weekend. So excited to see justice.

4:53 pm. Too many stages to waste time on shitty bands. Prince Portishead MIA Hot Chip were the best.

4:58 pm. [itís over] At midnight. Iím from Barcelona is doing a fine job as well.

[Editor asked him if the size and vibe was the same as previous yearsóBoxy is a veteran]

5:05 pm. Way different. Smaller, but amazing in a different way. Prince was literally mindblowing. Also I saw Helen and Andrew.

5:09 pm. Both. The lineup today is kinda sparce but still a lot to look forward to. I feel like justice might bring it more than prince did.

5:20 pm. Seriously. Theyíre [Justice] the heirs to the daft punk throne. Daft punk being the best live act currently still playing.

5:41 pm. Yeah canít wait. Coming up is manchester orchestra, stars and gogol bordello. And my morning jacket.

5:51 pm. Manchester o blows. Iíve heard that mmj puts on a killer show even though I dislike them as well.

5:56 pm. I donít need to cry so Iíll take your advice and skip em.

6:12 pm. Love ya back. Yay stars!

6:18 pm. Stars throwing bouquets of flowers into the crowd is a highlight.

6:57 pm. My phone blows right now. Iíll send you some [pictures] when I get back.

8:23 pm. Gogol bordello was right on. Canít even tell if metric is good because Iím staring at their singer.

[Editor commented that every straight man she knows is in love with that singer]

8:40 pm. And rightfully so.

9:03 pm. MMJ is doing a good job but they still suck.

9:09 pm. My boring jacket. All dance music from here on out.

9:42 pm. Absolutely. Justice is who I came here to see more than anyone but Portishead.

9:46 pm. You should try to youtube prince covering radiohead. That was the highlight for me.

Apr 28, 2008 2:39 PM
justice did right by me.
perfect way to end that thing
after chromeo and simian mobile
got everyone in the mood.

apparently roger waters was stellar but definitely I couldn't care less.


So there you have it. And really, do you need any more than that?

There are plenty of great video clips on YouTube of the above-mentioned bands, plus Black Lips, the Raconteurs, Animal Collective and more. Oh yeah, and that Prince performance, too:


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