Wake The Neighbors! R. City is “Losin’ It”
Stefani Grodie
6/24/2008 9:44:01 PM

The names Theron and Timothy Thomas probably don’t sound familiar, but you’ve almost certainly heard their songs “Take You There” by Sean Kingston and “When I Grow Up” by The Pussycat Dolls on the radio and television. It’s about time the Thomas brothers had their names matched to the laundry list of artists and hits they’ve helped to produce. Though the brothers don’t sing in the songs and their faces aren’t in the music videos, they are the masterminds behind the scenes, writing the hot lyrics for many of the popular artists today.

Born in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Theron and Timothy started out as songwriters putting their creative thoughts on paper. They worked their way from the ground up, starting with nothing when they first arrived in the United States. After years of networking and taking risks, rapper Akon discovered their talent. Since then, the brothers formed their own group called R. City, aka Rock City, and their popularity has exploded. The brothers have recently written for Usher, Mario, Macy Gray, Leona Lewis, Jesse McCartney, Ashlee Simpson, and even Enrique Iglesias, and on June 1, 2008, The Pussycat Dolls performed their new hit “When I Grow Up,” written by the Thomas brothers, at the MTV Movie Awards. Though extraordinarily successful at song-writing for other artists, creating their own music has always been the two brothers’ dream. Their personal style is a mix of R&B, rap, and reggae with a distinct Caribbean sound. In their own words, R. City describes their music as a mix of artists such as Bob Marley and The Beatles.

R. City recently finished their first album, Wake The Neighbors [KonLive] (set to debut later this year), featuring their first single, “Losin’ It.” Similar to the songs they have written for other artists, “Losin It” has a very pop-music sound, with a slight R&B influence. Taking on the theme of infatuation with a woman and “losin” their minds over her, the brothers have created a very marketable, fun, and energetic song with a high-hat-hitting beat. Though it isn’t a dance song, it definitely has a smooth, harmonious flow with sensual repetition. The duo did a nice job of mixing their rapping with their sometimes over-done Caribbean-accented singing, though successfully bringing a new taste of Caribbean music to mainstream hip-hop.

However, “Losin’ It,” produced by Maddscientist, has received some mixed reviews on the Internet. In a recent poll at ConcreteLoop.com, 48% of those polled ranked the track as “hot” with another 28% of the votes calling it “so-so.” On June 9, 2008 MTV declared R. City’s “Losin’ It” as the “Jam of the Week,” putting the song on frequent rotation. With a simple melody and hot vocals, “Losin’ It” is a hit for music-lovers from all genres. This song is a great foot-in-the-door song for R. City to establish themselves as artists, and also for fans to appreciate the group before the writers create more original music. Last month MyMoodIsMusic.com highlighted R. City as an artist to look out for in the new future, and Timothy Thomas adds, “Give us the opportunity to be ourselves because what we’re doing, nobody has ever done.”


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