Ladytron brings the keys and keeps the crowd going
John Kujawski
6/24/2008 9:54:11 PM

One thing was clear before Ladytron hit the stage; this was going to be an evening of electronic music. This is something that true fans of the Liverpool-based group were prepared for, but the stage set up alone was quite a sight. The stage at the Pageant, which is by no means small, was completely covered with keyboards and speakers, so much so that it seemed there wouldn’t be much room for the band members themselves. It was as if the band were showcasing their love for electronics the way ‘metal’ bands like to show off their guitars and stack their amps to the ceiling.

Ladytron certainly came ready to play their instruments with pride. Founding members Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu, along with singer Mira Aroya and keyboardist (and sometimes vocalist) Helena Marnie, were greeted warmly by the St. Louis crowd who took to their feet right as the first song started. There was a bit of a light show to add to the mood of the event but mostly Marnie provided the main stage presence of the night; all eyes on her as the band played. The crowd seemed receptive, showing their appreciation throughout the 75-minute set by dancing and singing along with their favorite songs.

In addition to the four main members, a guitarist and drummer were added to the lineup as well. B it was Marnie’s hypnotic voice and the great synth melodies that made the evening special. There were elements of early 80’s new wave, pop and electronic dance-- but all done in a way that revised the sounds instead of rehashing something already done.

Ladytron is a group that has had somewhat of a lengthy career as well, dating back to 1998. Despite the love of old favorites, fans responded warmly to the new material off the groups’ latest release, Volocifero {Nettwerk Records}.

“Runaway,” in particular, was a big highlight of the night as well as the older “Seventeen” off their 2002 release Light and Magic {Emperor Norton}. Both are irresistibly catchy songs that have melodies that are so strong, it’s hard to forget them even after only hearing them once.

The band treated the crowd to a three-song encore before heading back to the tour bus. In the end, it was hard not to be satisfied. Ladytron delivered and they showed any skeptics in the audience that synth bands can give good concerts.


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