The Acacia Strain; destroying, one Continent at a time.
Ross Gordon
7/20/2008 6:03:32 PM

Despite the fact they come from a small town in Massachusetts, The Acacia Strain is probably known as one of the heaviest and lowest out of any metal bands today. Their 4th album, Continent[Prosthetic Records] is dropping early August and is their best so far. Not only has the band grown musically, but the Acacia Strain name is now known from left to right coast on our continent, and everywhere in between. This popularity took off mainly from adhering to Every Bandís Rule Book: play small venues, tour the country in a van until you get to play bigger festivals, like last summerís Sounds of the Underground.

And never forget to destroy.

The new CD, Continent seems to have much more of a vibe to it than the other Acacia Strain albums, which were good, but every song mirrored the last one leaving no single stand-out.

ďThe new album is definitely darker than anything we have done in the past. Itís more proper, if that is even possible. It is our most angry release to date,Ē says vocalist Vincent Bennett.

The lyrics on Continent definitely have more meaning and relevancy than on this bandís past records. The vocalist, Vincent said, ďContinent is basically my absolute disgust towards everything.Ē The album is definitely as heavy as they have been, and should leave fans impressed, but surprised. And if youíre into hardcore/aggressive/whatever moronic nametag you must give it, then get ready to be destroyed and not the least disgusted.


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