Suicide Silence Speaks Up
Ross Gordon
7/30/2008 9:02:13 AM

"Do whatever the fuck you want to do to our music"

Extreme metal, or “deathcore,” as some tag it, is no longer buried underground. And leading the rise through the dirt to the surface is a pack of Riverside, California guys called Suicide Silence. Having just acquired a sweet spot blowing apart eardrums and minds on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour, caught up with them to say hello.

Mark- Guitar
Mitch- Vocals
Alex- Drums

NT: The Rockstar Mayhem Tour is probably pretty different compared to anything you guys have done before. How has it been so far?

Mitch- “It’s definitely pretty crazy to play in front of this many people a day. That’s basically it.”

Mark- “It’s crazy.”

NT: Do you guys think you are drawing a new fan base? Obviously, the kids here today came to see Slipknot and Disturbed. You are doing a whole new thing. They probably aren’t used to what you guys play.

Mitch- “Yeah, everyone who comes up to our merch tent is usually wearing a Slipknot or Disturbed shirt.”

Mark- “We definitely try and make new fans. I can see like beyond the front 10 people in the pit. [Sometimes it] looks like it’s taking them a while to even understand what’s going on.”

NT: With the whole pit thing, every time I’ve seen you guys it’s ALWAYS been dancing…but now, to see all the kids pushing, that must be a different experience for you guys.”

Mitch- “It’s different, but music is music… You should express yourself however the fuck you want to. I think it’s really stupid. Do whatever the fuck you want to do to our music.”

NT: I know there have been a lot of ‘underground’ fans criticizing you guys for selling out, for being a part of this tour. How did you guys get to become a part of this?

Mark- “Basically, we wanted to do something like this, because we like bands like Slipknot. We also tried to get on a few festivals, like Sounds of the Underground and Ozzfest, but we were put off for so long, so we were stoked to be a part of this tour.”

Mitch- “It worked out in perfect timing, because with the other tour offers, this tour is the one we would rather do.”

NT: Suicide Silence released their 5-song self-titled EP [Third Degree Records], followed up by the full-length, The Cleansing [Century Media] in September of 2007. Have you written any new material?

Mitch- “Yeah, definitely.”

Alex- “We’ve got half of a new album done, basically.”

NT: And how is working with Century Media?

Mitch and Mark- “Amazing.”

Mitch- “They’ve already put us around the world. Multiple European tours.”

Mark- “They kick ass. They are fully behind us.”

NT: So have you guys made any new friends on this tour so far?

Alex- “36 Crazy Fists, Black Tide…They are all good dudes.”

Mitch- “There’s always just random kickbacks and parties going on to meet and hang out with people. Everyone hangs out. No one is too cool to hang out.”

NT: So what should fans be expecting in the new material?

Mitch- “It’s heavier, it’s better. The last album was recorded live, so already there’s gonna be a huge difference with everything."

NT: So with the music scene so generic these days, most bands just play breakdown after breakdown. How do you guys break away from that trend?

Mark- “Well, for us, we don’t really listen to that kind of shitty generic music. That’s how I break away from that trend. That’s what we think when we put together tours. The scene is so over-saturated and we don’t want to have bands that sound the same play together.”

Mitch- “Oh yeah, make sure you mention that we have an October full U.S. headlining tour coming up with us, Dillinger Escape Plan, Emmure, Beneath the Massacre, and Architects.”

NT: I noticed that the difference between seeing you guys play April of 07 and March of 08 was a huge difference in the number of kids there.

Mitch- “Yeah, well that’s what touring does. Ever since we’ve released the record we’ve just been touring non-stop.”

Mark- “We are basically living our dreams right now. Being able to play in front of so many kids every day is awesome.”

Mitch- “We love playing these festivals though. No one is too cool for anything here and everyone is together.”

Suicide Silence will finish out the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour through August, then they’re skipping off to the UK to join up with the European Summer Slaughter Tour. Check out for more information.


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