One to Run From: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
J. Gordon
8/9/2008 2:07:47 PM

We were so excited to hear about the new Indiana Jones sequel. I mean, sure, Harrison Fordís getting on. And sure, the second and third were a far cry from the first Raiders of the Lost Ark, but still, they were pretty good. So it just followed to reason that the third, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,would be at least moderately entertaining, right?

Wrong. Consider this a Public Service Announcement. Run, donít walk, as fast and far away from this movie as you can. Itís bad. Really, really bad. The acting is stilted, unbelievable and awkward. Remember those cheesy lines from the previous ones that were somehow endearing, because they were sprinkled in just enough to give Indi some character? Well, in the latest, he has no characterójust the cheesy lines. Along with everyone else. Remember how great the effects were in the previous movies? What happened? Itís hard to believe George Lucasí name is even on this. A sword-fight on moving cars, with no wind and no apparent struggle for balance? Come on.

What else does this movie try (and fail to) pull off? A beautiful, hip-looking Nazi villain. Aliens. And it just gets worse from there. Why, thereís not even a story to follow!

So letís seeÖ weíve trashed the acting, the writing, the effects. Is there anything redeeming to say about this movie? Anything at all?



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