the worst you can do is harm may be the best you can do
J. Gordon
6/16/2002 8:11:26 PM

Every once in awhile (and never often enough) you find an album that gets you really excited. The Long Wintersí latest release, the worst you can do is harm [Barsuk Records] is one of those albums. The Long Winters, by way of introduction, are comprised of frontman John Roderick (formerly of critically acclaimed next-big-thing Western State Hurricanes, as well as touring keyboardist for Harvey Danger), Sean Nelson (also of Harvey Danger) and Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie). The Long Winters dredge up feelings and moods characteristic of the Tragically Hip, Sunny Day Real Estate, and maybe throw in the Eels for good measure. Think percussive-driven emo with distorted jams interspersed, sick-in-the-heart lyrics that make you think till it hurts.

Recorded during the winter of 2001, the worst you can do is harm is peppered with celebrity talents that show their powerful connections in the indie world: Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, REM), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Brian Young (The Posies, Fountains of Wayne), Joe Bass (Sunny Day Real Estate, The Posies, Sky Cries Mary), Jason Finn (The Presidents of the USA), and Jim Roth (Built to Spill, The Delusions). If you like your music intellectually smart, emotionally dysfunctional and maybe a bit sonically disheveled, youíre gonna wanna pick this one up.


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