Easy Core Tour makes pleasing us look easy
Ross Gordon
9/28/2008 8:16:13 PM

Fast becoming known as the best place for hardcore and post-hardcore shows, Pop’s (Sauget, E. St. Louis) gave St. Louis a night to remember with the Easy Core Tour. With standing-room only, if this head-slamming evening didn’t sell out, it sure came close.

Opening this event was Crime in Stereo, who deserved to play later and have a longer set. Not generic or cookie cutter like so much of what we see and hear, Crime in Stereo is more instrumental and melodic. Despite time only for four songs, their predecessors couldn’t come near to their skill and originality. Best band of the night.

Next up was ISHC (International Super Heroes of Hard Core). Now, if you don’t know their background, you might be pretty confused. ISHC is a joke band, featuring the members of New Found Glory. The short, fast set had fun, pointless songs about wearing your seat belt, and about the “Superhero Sellouts,” like Spiderman and Batman, who sold-out to Hollywood and only make movies.

Four Year Strong has blown up pretty big in the last year. Since they put out their last record Rise or Die Trying [I Surrender Records] in 2007, they have been on smaller tours up to bigger tours like this. They opened up with “Prepare to be Digitally Manipulated,” and played several songs from the album. The energy was solid the entire time and they played a great set. They also played their normal cover of “Ashcroft,” by Suicide File.

It looked like A Day to Remember was what half the venue was waiting for, however.The place was completely packed. After touring like crazy for the past couple years, and doing all of Warped Tour this year, they picked up an insane amount of fans. The set was a good portion of their current CD, For Those Who Have Heart, [Victory Records] with an old song, plus their cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

New Found Glory has been around for a really long time now, but with their new EP, “Tip of the Icebergh” [Bridge 9 Records], they have shown that they are nowhere near stopping, or even slowing down. The set-list, which was posted online, was made to be filled with fast songs, and that’s just what we got. They played a good selection of their hits, plus new songs. With energy this high, the crowd couldn’t tire if they wanted to, and the venue throbbed with movement for the entire set.

While “easy” isn’t a word we’d usually associate with hardcore and post-hardcore madness, it was definitely a night that was easy to appreciate. In the USA through mid-October, and then off to the UK. Check out their website, http://www.myspace.com/easycoretour.


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