The Acacia Strain: one step ahead
Ross Gordon
10/13/2008 7:24:13 PM

"Buy new cookie-cutters"

These days, it seems like if you listen to a band, thereís always at least one other group that sounds just like them. But another band that sounds like The Acacia Strain? Not possible. TAC has just released their 4th album, Continent, [Prosthetic Records] and are currently touring with Unearth, Protest the Hero, Whitechapel, and Gwen Stacy. I got the chance to sit down and talk with Vince and Jack.

Vincent- Vocals
Jack- Bass

NT: So howís the tour been so far?
Vincent- This tour is good! We play in front of a lot of kids every night, and itís very diverse, which is different these days.

Jack- Itís great to play with other bands that bring a lot of different kinds of kids out.

NT: I know from the previous time you guys came through St. Louis, the venue was about half the size of this one-- if that. Whatís it like playing these bigger stages in front of bigger crowds?

Vincent- Well you know, it has its positive parts, and its negative parts. Playing in front of this many kids every night can be really cool. It makes you feel like youíre getting your music out to a lot of new faces. At the same time, it loses a lot of the personal feelings you get from playing small stages with all the kids packed in.

Jack- I donít mind playing big venues. Theyíre both good for their own reasons.

NT: So you guys have just released Continent. Have you been playing new material from the record on this tour?

Vincent- Well, we had a lot of CD release shows where we played mostly new material, but since we only get about a 30-minute set on this tour, we try to play some old songs, and some new.

NT: And how have the fans been reacting towards the new stuff?

Vincent- The fans seem to be reacting very well, which is great. You can tell a lot of people went out and bought the CD, or at least downloaded it, and learned the words, which is important to me.

NT: Speaking of piracy, how do you guys feel about kids downloading the CD versus going out and buying it?

Vincent- You know, Iím not gonna say Iím for it, but you really canít stop it. Iím not gonna make a big stink about it. Whether you worry about it or not, itís gonna happen. Iím not gonna worry about it because we still sell records.

NT: When writing Continent, how did you guys separate yourselves from all the other cookie-cutter bands who all sound exactly like each other?

Jack- Buy new cookie-cutters. [Laughs]

Vincent- No really, we try to be original. We see all these bands, how they are all doing the same shit, and really itís just kinda boring. We arenít trying to like... invent new ways, butÖ

Jack- ...To stay one step ahead.

Vincent- Exactly. Bring a new feel into the music. We try to change our style, but still be the same Acacia Strain.

NT: I noticed the guitar is a lot more different and experimental in some parts on the new album and Iíve noticed how you guys have changed your style from ď3750,Ē to ďThe Dead Walk,Ē but still remained the same Acacia Strain.

Vincent- Weíre getting older as people, and more mature as musicians. Itís like as you grow, you develop new tastes, and ways to do the same things.

NT: So what should fans expect for 2008? Lots of touring?

Vincent- Most definitely. We pretty much have no time off from now until 2009. We are going to Canada right after this, and then Australia in December. Come 2009, we will be doing US tours again, but I canít really say with who yet.

NT: So anything else youíd like to add?

Vincent- No, not much. Kids: come out. Bang your head. Raise the dead.

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Oct. 14 House of Blues West Hollywood
Oct. 15 The Marquee Tempe
Oct. 17 The White Rabbit San Antonio
Oct. 18 The Foundation Lubbock
Oct. 19 Warehouse Live Houston
Oct. 20 House of Blues Dallas
Oct. 22 The Masquerade Atlanta
Oct. 23 The State Theatre Saint Petersburg
Oct. 24 Revolution Fort Lauderdale
Oct. 25 Freebird Live Jacksonville
Oct. 26 Music Farm Charleston
Oct. 27 Club Hollywood Augusta
Oct. 28 Tremont Music Hall Charlotte
Oct. 29 NorVa Norfolk
Oct. 30 The Fillmore@Irving Plaza New York


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