Taking Back Sunday Takes the Teen Punk Route
Mike Hess
6/16/2002 8:13:02 PM

Punk rock purists cringe at the current state of their genre, but the boys of Taking Back Sunday have no other ambition than to make their mark in this pop-saturated world with their latest album Tell All Your Friends[Victory Records]. The quintet hails from Amityville, Long Island, a middle-to-upper class section that doesn’t really offer much to be angry about for five young ‘uns. Hence, the anger and resistance of pure punk is substituted with feel-good, anthemic tales of teenage insecurity and uncertainty.

While hardcore punks would rather ingest Drano than take in the watered-down taste of Taking Back Sunday, one can’t deny that they pull off the pop style with ease. Check out a soundtrack from any recent teen movie, and you can figure what TBS sounds like, only they add a bit more musicianship than say Sum 41 or Blink 182. Think Good Charlotte or Fenix TX mixed with just a smidge of At The Drive In.

The teen vibe never leaves the album, as the boys from ‘Strong Island’ wail through tracks like “There’s No ‘I’ in Team” and “You’re So Last Summer”. Pinches of 80s hair-metal also leak through, but there’s no excess cheese here. TBS are sure to be on a soundtrack coming to you this summer.

For more info on Taking Back Sunday or other Victory Records bands, check out www.victoryrecords.com.


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