Death Note DVD Box Set 1: All I need is a name, a face -- and this notebook.
Maudie M. Rooks
2/11/2009 9:45:05 PM

Based off the popular manga of the same name, the Death Note anime becomes available
in a sleek and attractive box set from renowned American distributor VIZ Media (Ranma ,
Inuyasha, Naruto). The first 20 episodes, or the first five individual volumes, come in an attractive box, in terms of both content and the actual packaging.

And so we start out meeting a young student, Light Yagami. One whom is highly intelligent and beyond his years. And one suffering from a case of boredom. Little does Light know of what such a case of boredom would bring. Happening upon a notebook, the Death Note, Light's view on the world and how justice is served will forever be altered. When discovering just how powerful this notebook can be, he takes it upon himself to use this power to rid the world of evil.

Soon after using the Death Note, he meets the rouge Shinigami (God of Death), named Ryuk, whom dropped the notebook into the human world during a case of similar boredom. And thus a twist of fate begins, as well as a battle of wits when the legendary detective known only by L enters the story. Light's mind soon clashes with that of the detective and the fate of humanity becomes the battleground. And the war between "Kira" and "L" begins. A battle of two minds, two forms of justice.

Who will prevail -- who will win?

The story concludes in the second box set, scheduled for release April 14th, 2009. By VIZ Media.

Extras include over one hour of bonus content, including textless opening and ending animations, interviews, audio commentaries and production art. Even those unfamiliar with the art of Japanese animation will find the series intriguing. This set is a mix of action, psychological, criminal drama and a touch of mystery.

(Release date is subject to change)


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