MMM…Delicious Metal! Psychostick's Sandwich
Tony B
5/12/2009 3:08:52 PM

Can you imagine a comedian fronting a metal band? How about Dane Cook fronting Lamb of God? Or maybe even Bob Saget fronting the almighty Pantera? Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? According to Psychostick, it’s a golden idea. Coming out of Arizona, Psychostick’s trademark humor coupled metal/hardcore influences has brought a new type of style to the masses. The band consists of five madmen: Rob “Rawrb” Kersey (lead vocals) Joshua “Special J” Key (Guitars, Vocals) Alex “Shmalex” Preiss (Drums), Jake “Jakermeister” McReynolds (Guitars, Vocals), and Jimmy “Jimmychanga” Grant. Their forthcoming album Sandwich [Rock Ridge Music] has totally broken the rules of modern metal.

Humor-core, or comedy rock, as some fans like to call it, describes an abnormal approach to creating metal music. Instead of lyrics discussing death and destruction like the majority of modern metal acts, they’re replaced with songs telling the awkwardness of taking a shower (simply dubbed “Shower”), annoying spam e-mails (“You Got Mail Enhancement”), or creating a grocery list (“Grocery Escape Plan”).

Obviously, food is the primary subject on this album, expressing all the joy that comes with grubbing. Rawrb’s vocals are phenomenal and are easily distinguishable from most modern metal acts, due to his versatility and tendency to incorporate multiple styles of metal vocalizing in one song. One of the most interesting and well-written songs on the album: “The Hunger Within” depicts Rawrb with no money and nothing in the fridge but baking soda and a jar of mayonnaise. Sounds simple, but Rawrb shows off his vocal range and innovative style to the masses. Somehow, he manages to mix the melodic capability of Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust with the gruff, barking of Max Cavelera of Soulfly.

Regardless of the jokester lyrics, Sandwich oozes with hardcore technicality and superb musicianship. Special J and Jakermeister exhibit a massive appreciation for the art of metal with blistering, detuned guitars and complex dual guitar riffs that rival Slayer and Megadeth in their glory days. I even hear a bit of Sepultura influence on some tracks (“Passive Vengeance”). On the rhythm section, Jimmychanga and Shmalex triumph with a combination of old school semi-thrash drumming, insane shifts of rhythm, and funk/metal grooves, which is a perfect match for the incredibly funny lyricism and witty songwriting. As wild as is sounds, their brand of metal is a breakaway of the usual grimness that comes with the majority of metal bands. This may quite possibly be a hit in the coming months due to vigorous touring, surprisingly interesting (and funny) merchandise, a fierce fan base, and their DIY mentality. Welcome to a new generation kiddos, because Psychosticks’ coming to raid your fridge. Snoogins.

Favorite Tracks:
1) “Minimum Rage”
2) “The Hunger Within”
3) “Passive Vengeance”


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