Columbine by Dave Cullen
Ridge Hardy
7/19/2009 9:17:28 PM

Letís set the record straight: no one has or is condoning the violent, senseless actions performed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on that dreadful April morning ten years ago. However, itís this writerís opinion that they were not evil and half of the shit the media has said about this case is not to be believed. They were just your typical American teenagers. They had families, friends, and lives just like all of you. And they fucked up badly and took thirteen innocent lives with them. But that still hasnít stopped people from searching for the answers to why it happened. The actual truth has been kept covered up for years --until now. Author Dave Cullen has taken on a monumental challenge (and has failed) in his recent book Columbine [Twelve]; a somewhat rambling, cluttered piece of work that reveals only one third of the truth and also not surprisingly, contradicts itself.

Columbine begins with the story of Eric and Dylan's lives, according to the author. Cullen's writing presents the facts of their lives in some awkward pseudo-Holden Caulfield style geared to appeal to millions of gawky teenagers but just seems lame coming from an adult in his late forties. And if that isn't dumb enough, he tries to reconstruct their lives and fails because he's too distracted with preserving his mythical reputation as the nation's leading expert on Columbine, when he never knew the boys or anyone involved prior to the shooting. He doesn't shed a bit of new light on a damn thing.

The majority of the book focuses on a survivor of Columbine known as "The Boy in the Window" and while weíre all glad to hear he's doing okay now, it distracts from what everyone has always wanted to know: What was going on in Eric and Dylan's minds to do something that sinister and brutal? Cullen wants you to believe that he has the answers, but itís pretty clear that all he did was take the FBI and Littleton police files, copy them down in some secret notebook and present it to you, the American reading public, as HIS definitive account of the event and prior incidents to the said event. Don't waste your time with this bullshit, you'd be better off using Wikipedia or Google.

The truth is that we will never know. None of us. The only two people that know are dead. And the only thing you can do to prevent another thing like this from happening is to listen and not remain silent. Silence is the problem. Because if you don't speak up, who else will?


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