The Fallout Puts Default on the Map
Michele Ulsohn
6/16/2002 8:17:12 PM

Clocking in at a mere thirty eight minutes long, the eleven songs on Default's debut CD, The Fallout [TVT Records] may be short on time, but not in their ability to pack plenty of punch. The current hit single, "Wasting My Time" (the CD's longest track,incidentally) certainly proves Default's ability to create a highly marketable radio-friendly tune. Although Nickelback's Chad Kroeger contributed to about half of this disc's music and lyrics,"Wasting My Time" is one of the songs that is purely Default-written. The opening track, "Sick and Tired" is one of the better selections, and sounds like it has great potential to become the second single. The two slower, more melodic songs, "One Late Night" and "Live a Lie", showcase lead vocalist's Dallas Smith's clear,well-developed voice and Jeremy James Hora's competence on the lead guitar. Fans of bands such as Fuel, Alice in Chains and Puddle of Mudd would probably find The Fallout a welcome new addition to their CD collection.


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