Reverend Horton Heat's Lucky 7: A Lucky Break
Dan Graney
6/16/2002 8:19:50 PM

After seven releases (six and a best-of) with five producers on four different labels and an average of one hundred and fifty shows a year, the Reverend Horton Heat don't really merit a review as they do a medal of honor. But not just any bestowment... I'm thinking some full-custom, candy apple red, metal flake honor, with flame accents that burned like a hotrod in hell.

The Reverend Horton Heat have added another chapter to their great soundtrack for living life a few licks ahead of the devil and they titled it, appropriately enough, Lucky 7. This latest release [Artemis Records] comes after a fairly introspective ... Night in the Box.

While their previous release found the boys from the "Big D" looking at where it all began with a clean, fluent voice, Lucky 7 lets the band figure out where it's all going and it looks like things are getting rough again.

To say this is a progressive release is misleading. The band is taking a few hits off the older stuff, but only the primo stuff. And not just from their own respectable catalog... there's a dash of Dick Dale here, such as on "Reverend Horton Heat's Big Blue Car" or a pinch of The Ventures there, as on "Duel At The Two O'clock Bell". In fact, it looks like the Reverend Horton Heat can surf after all.

The rest of Lucky 7 lives to party, as is apparent "Go With Your Friends", "Loco Gringos Like A Party" and "Like A Rocket". And what's a RevHo CD without a tribute to Jimbo Wallace? There's not one, but two songs dedicated to the trio's slaphappy bass player ("Sermon On The Jimbo" & "You've Got A Friend In Jimbo"). But the whole band deserves a big hand; Scott Churilla moves around the drum kit like it's second nature, and Jim "Reverend Horton" Heath plays that Gretsch fancier than ever.

All in all, Lucky 7 is a hoot, a holler and a whole helluva lot of fun. Can I get a hallelujah?!


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