Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer Actually DOES Rock!
J. Gordon
6/16/2002 8:22:13 PM

At first thought, it seems premature to see a disk of Weezer covers; they still feel like a relatively new band in comparison with bands like U2 or the Cure. Okay, so maybe Weezer isn't legendary. Weezer has, however, consistently put out a solid seven or so years of groundbreaking pop music with their nerdy, prepubescent-style signature--which translates into millions of albums sold. That's nothing to sneeze at.

So how does Rock Music, a Tribute to Weezer [deaddroid records] come off? Surprisingly well. Bands like Affinity, Grade, and Glassjaw punk it up a bit, and in some cases may even do it better than the song’s creators. Further Seems Forever pulls off a rendition of “Say It Ain’t So” that is so close to the band’s sound that if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was just a different studio take by Weezer themselves.

Maybe the best thing about this CD is simply the fact that someone has taken the time to point out what an incredible, original catalog of songs this band has put out. They may not have all been radio hits (thank God, that always seems to ruin them), but songs like “The World Has Turned” (nicely done by Christopher John) could and should one day be classics in their own right. Listening to tunes like this are a gentle nudge, reminding us of Weezer’s songwriting genius.

Excluding Dashboard Confessional’s rendition of “Jamie,” the Atari’s “Butterfly,” and a couple other tracks, the awkward, heart-felt appeal of Rivers Cuomo’s voice is lacking in many of these tracks, and die-hard Weezer fans will notice this immediately. In most cases, Rock Music is rougher, tougher, and rocks harder than the music’s authors did, but it ought to effectively kick the asses of everyone in listening range. Like pop and punk? Pick it up.


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