Sweep The Leg Johnny: Going Down Swinging
Mike Hess
7/13/2002 3:44:09 PM

Melding together aspects of nearly every rock genre, indie masterminds Sweep The Leg Johnnyís mindset is exactly how every band should operate: make your own rules, trample the boundaries and limits set by others, and make some kickass rock Ďní roll in the process.

With their searing knuckle-sandwich of noise-rock, Sweep takes aural perfection to new levels by bringing saxophonist Steve Sostak to undermine the noodly guitar strums of Chris Daly and Mitch Cheney. Dischordant fuzz blazes at times, but subsides to let the random voices and lyrics take the songs into bliss.

Itís tough to describe pure genius, especially when itís as dynamic and innovative as Goin Down Swinging. At times, itís a handful of speed pills washed down with espresso, and others itís a drowsy haze of musical downers. The music begs to be overanalyzed, but then you realize that getting too deep into it would take your mind off of how god damn good they really are.

If you are a rock fan, regardless of genre, this is an album that will change your perspective on todayís music.


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