Take THAT, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
Mike Hess
7/13/2002 10:26:28 PM

While lashing out on America and its political system has certainly diminished since the events of 9/11, the savior of satire, Michael Moore, roasts Washington’s big-wigs with the hilarious-yet-Enstein-esque Stupid White Men [Regan Books] (the book was all written prior to 9/11, so pipe down, overzealous patriots).

Moore, known for his award-winning documentary Roger & Me, turns his cynicism into overdrive for this tirade on the government, corporate elite and global policies as a whole. His wrath of wit is spread among everyone with money or power, but it’s his ongoing roast of “President” George W. Bush that shows his amazing research and knowledge of the society that he destroys with words.

Moore gets behind the controversial 2000 election, and shows the truth of just how Bush “won” the election, and mainly, the scandal that went down in Florida (the state that his brother Jeb is governor of).

Again, while a tough read when accounting for all Bush has done with the current crisis in the world, an unabridged insiders look into the system is truly eye-opening. When handled with the intelligence, fantastic journalism and unbeatable humor, Moore allows you to bring out those old feelings of discontent and ill-will you may have had before that September day.


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