Dream Brother: the lives and music of Jeff and Tim Buckley
Amy Caudill
7/14/2002 2:52:39 PM

Jeff Buckley's music has inspired me to do many things and I am forever grateful to have his influence in my life. I was skeptical of David Browne's Dream Brother: the lives and music of Jeff and Tim Buckley [Harper Entertainment] upon purchasing it. I have to say that these kinds of things can often turn into tabloid journalism: nothing more than an attempt to leech off of fans.

However, it turned out to be a decent read. Browne deftly draws the parallels between father and son - the similarities are amazing in some cases.

The book does leave me with a lot of questions about Jeff's final days. There are random paragraphs about Jeff's late night wanderings and erratic behavior sandwiched between allusions to the fact that all was well with Buckley during his final weeks. It's hard to say. I'm not sure if that's the fault of Browne or if he was censored in any way.

Perhaps it's still too soon for a book like this. Clarity comes over time and that might help sharpen the insights this book is trying to provide.

I do recommend it to Jeff and Tim Buckley fans a like. It certainly has added a third dimension to my favorite musician.


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