The Cheese Monkeys: a Novel in Two Semesters
Kevin Burns
7/14/2002 2:56:18 PM

Chip Kidd, graphic designer of book jackets and what not has finally decided to write a book of his own. Cheese Monkeys [Scribner] is about a dude going to college in the 1950s and dealing with a zany, ecclectic teacher that is self assured and downright perterbed with society. He wants things to be more imaginative and sincerely challenges his students to make the best out of his class: Graphic Design. It's a book about taking what you have and making something out of it. it's about taking your life and doing something important and leaving behind a legacy that, even if nobody witnesses it, you will be able to feel pride in your own undertakings.

There are some egotistic undertones of college savants, but that adds to the enjoyment. Take this book with a grain of salt because it's not quite salient enough alone, that is unless you view it as a piece of art. I think Kidd does. He has made a product with inconsistancies and imperfections. This is part of the identity of art--not everything that serves a purpose is perfect. It's about locating our imperfections and accentuating them, perhaps.


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