Bee Season: the Sting of God
J. Gordon
7/14/2002 3:12:19 PM

What does God feel like? Bee Season [Anchor] is a book that takes us to that answer, through four very different portals: Eliza Naumann, the protagonist, is a non-descript Jewish girl in fourth grade who’d never excelled at much of anything. Until, that is, she discovers a talent for spelling that takes her climbing to national competition and new levels of consciousness. Her father Saul, is a rabbi who dropped a lot of acid in the 60s and spends the greater part of Eliza’s childhood first molding her brother, Aaron, and later Eliza, into who he intends them to be. Aaron is the skinny awkward boy who gets beat up everyday until he discovers his answers with the Hare Krishnas. And their always-unavailable mother Miriam is smart, successful, and a wee bit mentally ill. As Myla Goldberg’s first novel, Bee Season is a true achievement: it's sensitive, funny, psychological, and so real. You’ll understand why Madonna had her Jewish mysticism phase. And after reading this book, you may take mysticism up yourself.


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