Catching Up with Default's Jeremy Hora
Michele Ulsohn
7/14/2002 8:34:06 PM

"There definitely will be another Default record, I can tell you that much."

Riding high on the huge success of their debut single, "Wasting My Time," Canada's Default have had a remarkable and very busy year. After touring the States twice as the opening act for both Bush and fellow-Canadians, Nickleback,they are back on the road again, this time on their first headlining tour. Prior to their recent St.Louis date, chatted with Default's guitarist, Jeremy James Hora (whose Hendrix-like solos were some of the show's highlights), gaining some perspective into how life looks through his eyes.

NT: Tell us about the tour so far, and how you spend your time off...

Hora: No interesting stories,really. We just get up in the morning,and then we go do basically the same thing every day. The best places that we play are the ones where we can find somewhere to ride our dirt bikes around.

NT: How did the four of you meet?

Hora: Me and Danny (Craig, drums) and Dallas Smith, vocals) all went to the same high school together. Danny and I were in the same band,and Dallas used to come out to see us play a lot. Dave (Benedict, bass) and I worked at the same Ford dealership, and when Danny and I wanted a form a brand new band with Dave, Dallas asked if he could try out as our singer.

NT: How are Default's songs get written? Is it a collaborative effort?

Hora: It's very much a collaborative effort, that way, if someone doesn't like a certain part of a song, we change it until we're all happy with the result.

NT: What is your favorite song on the CD?

Hora: I really like both "Deny" and "Let You Down" a lot.

NT: Could anyone in the band have foretold the huge success of "Wasting My Time"?

Hora: No, we all knew it is a great song, but it getting as big as it has was definitely a surprise to all of us.

NT: Where did the name Default come from?

Hora: It just came out of someone's mouth, I don't remember whose, when we were trying to think of a band name. It doesn't really mean anything special to us, it's kind of like the Who or a name like that. It sounds cool and it's easy to remember.

NT: Have you noticed any distinct differences between Canadian and American audiences?

Hora: No,they're basically very similar. There's all different types of American audiences, and all different types of Canadian audiences. Some are from rich neighborhoods, some are from poor ones. Some drink a lot and get rowdy, some hardly drink at all and are quiet. Some are mainly 15-year-olds, and some are mainly 45-year-olds.

NT: What American bands are really big in Canada right now?

Hora: Well, Stone Temple Pilots have been big for a while, and all the Limp Bizkit-type bands are getting pretty big lately. Puddle of Mudd too. There's really not much difference between what's big in America and Canada,the two are very similar.

NT: What are the band's plans for after this tour ends,and have you begun working on the next CD?

Hora: Our plans after the tour are basically to go home. We're writing new songs all the time, and we'll probably just keep doing that while we're home. No date has been set for our next release to be finished. There definitely will be another Default record, I can tell you that much.


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