Alanis Morissette: Out From Under the Rug
Patrick Cherniawski
7/14/2002 9:05:55 PM

She rocks! Working herself into a frenzy in support of her recent release, Under Rug Swept [Maverick], Alanis Morissette capped her 75-minute show with 2 encores which included a mad dash around the stage and enough spinning in place to give a ballerina a head rush. The crowd loved her.

Alanis was, well, Alanis. She lived up to her name and all the expectations that her multi-platinum status brings. Sometimes power-walking back and forth across the stage, sometimes head banging with hair flying, Alanis captured the spirit of her own style and gave it to her fans.

Her band was great, of course, but no one came to see the band. The crowd did, however, come to see Alanis play the harmonica and steel and acoustic guitars--and there was no doubt a connection was there. The huge smile on Alanis' face as the crowd sang along with her gave away her reason for being in Baltimore, MD Friday night.

One could argue that Alanis really only has one sound, and one could also argue that her lyrics are a bit repetitive. The fact is that this sound and those lyrics have sold a bunch of records. This reviewer now knows why.


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