First Sneak Peek: Loudermilk
Mike Hess
7/14/2002 9:08:16 PM

"These guys sound like a million bucks, and they look even better."

If youíre one of those people always looking for the next band thatís going to break into the mainstream and tear up the radio, hereís one for you -- itís Loudermilk. Dreamworks Records recently scooped up this Washington band, and itís an investment that will surely pay off when their album The Red Record is finally released. Dreamworks currently has the band out on a showcase, and hereís the vibe that they gave off while they were gigging in Boston.

These guys sound like a million bucks, and they look even better.

Theyíve got a penchant for retro Ď70s garb, but rock out with the best of the modern bands. Blending elements of indie, straight-rock and even bouncy metal chops, this quartet has it going on. Davey Ingersoll scorches the mic by melting Vince Neilís sharp, snappy chops with Billy Corganís nasal urgency. Mark Watrous windmills at his guitar like a twenty-something Pete Townshend, while Nikki Sixx wanna-be Shane Middleton thunders out the basslines. Supporting all this, is the five-foot-nothing, hardly-a-hundred-pounds maniac of a drummer, Isaac Carpenter. Isaac roamed the crowd during the opening band, and it was hard to imagine a man of his wee-little stature could pound a drum-kit so hard it would nearly crumble.

When you hear the crushing ďEstrogen Oxygen Aches In My Teeth AgainĒ on the radio for the first time later this summer, just remember where you heard about it first. This single is set to destroy the radio charts, and finally add something fresh to popular rock radio.


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