Princess Superstar Is...In Chicago
Adam Poe
7/16/2002 10:41:38 AM

Princess Superstar brought her R-rated, genre-hopping “Cunning Linguist” tour to town last night. An enthusiastic and moderately packed house witnessed a raunchy and highly enjoyable set by the diminutive Miss Superstar - complete with retro-robotic break dancing, Tae-bo high kicks and a dance that was dangerously close to the Hustle.

Princess took the stage in a slinky leather body-suit and an inexplicable welding helmet/face mask. With a tight trio backing her up - consisting of DJ Techniqs (sporting an impressively tall ‘fro), shoe-gazing bassist Crash, and the charismatic MC, 7even - Princess and crew played a set comprised almost entirely of her most recent release - Princess Superstar Is [Corrupt Conglomerate] (see CD Review Archives) - her rapid-fire prose losing little in a live setting.

With little banter from stage, “...Is” stand-outs “Super-Fantasy” and “We Got Panache” started things off. At some point, Princess lost the helmet - her signature platinum locks bringing cheers. She later slipped on a cheerleading skirt during “Bad Babysitter” - subtly tapping into many an adolescent fantasy.

One misconception: While certainly suggestive and flirty on stage, Princess lets her nuanced sex-rhymes - and their convincing delivery - do most of the titillating. Even during the bluntly titled “Wet, Wet, Wet”, Princess’ persona is still worlds away from, say, the G-string/stripper antics of a ‘Lil Kim (with whom the Princess is frequently, and inappropriately, compared).

7even was a dynamic and fitting foil to the Princess - providing fo’ astonishment at the raunchiest rhymes - and filling in admirably for the absentee Kool Keith on “Keith ‘N Me”. (No, he didn’t attempt Keith’s infamous falsetto, for understandable reasons). He even dropped his drawers in a probably-not-spontaneous moment during the chorus - to the delight of the large female contingent.

Their relaxed and genuine interaction was also well displayed during “Untouchable Part 1" (on which he guests on the album), and “I Love You (Or at Least I Like You)” - (featuring J-Zone on the album). In the latter track, the Princess swaggered with a red Kangol, while 7Even donned a pink boa - 7Even, the professional ‘ho to the Princess’ horny John.

“Do it Like a Robot” (from 2000's excellent Last of the Great 20th Century Composers) and “The Little Freakazoid that Could”,(from 1997's CEO)both marked enjoyable departures from the “...Is” dominated show. The former providing the BPMs and synth-pop beats for some outrageous synchronized dance moves.

Closing the night with the epic “You Get Mad at Napster” - the Princess stomped and head banged over a tidal wave of (pre-recorded) cymbal crashes and choir voices. And just like that - Princess Superstar Is...

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