Bush: Are They Good? Are They Bad?
Mike Hess
7/16/2002 10:47:39 AM

It really is a great thing to see that a band like Bush, who has descended from its peak popularity, can still completely mesmerize a crowd and rock as hard as they used to. Boston’s Orpheum Theater was packed to capacity with just over 3,000 rabid fans who were there for a few reasons: the guys were there to see the band wail, and the girls were there to see heartthrob frontman Gavin Rossdale. Neither left disappointed.

Sure, they’re pretty much Nirvana ripoffs, and may come off as a bit pretentious, but Rossdale and his bandmates truly do love rocking out, and it came across during their show. Dreamy Gavin seemed to never stop hopping, running, jumping, headbanging… you name it. Hell, he even plowed into a speaker cabinet, laid his guitar on it, and began to hump it. That’s rock n roll, right? Is it?

That’s where I’m undecided. One part of me says ‘Kick ass! Knock stuff over, and play a sea of distortion’, while my other half mumbles ‘Get over yourself. I understand you’re poking Gwen Stefani, and that every woman on earth would like to fondle you, but your Strat isn’t the lead singer from No Doubt. Play it, sir, don’t impregnate it.’

Either way, Bush tore through a set that spanned nearly two hours, mostly their older, more radio endorsed tunes. Favorites like “Machine Head” simply killed, and the closer “Little Things” drove the crowd to insanity, and drove Gavin to once again get on my nerves by using his sex power to kill the music. Towards the end, Mr. Rossdale was kind enough to allow dozens upon dozens of fans on stage to feel what it’s like to be a rock star… too bad all of them were girls. And I’m not talking any girl. These were hand-picked, lightly-dressed naughty women that probably kicked off their 5-inch stiletto heels, unwrapped themselves from a greased up pole, and went to see Bush.

Again…sex and rock n roll go hand-in-hand, but does it belong on stage during a performance? Ask Gavin.


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