Rollins Band Still Rollin' Strong
Mike Hess
7/16/2002 10:51:00 AM

Who would have thought that a salt-and-pepper haired, over-the-hill man is by far the most intense, driven and passionate man in the slowly dying world of hard rock. After 21 years of touring, Henry Rollins is still the same fiery-eyed madman that he always was, singing from his patented ‘hang-ten’ surfer stance while flexing every muscle in his abnormally ripped body. While he’s never been known for a great vocal range, he’s sure got the burn that few have.

Rollins and bandmates hit the Avalon stage at 9:15 on 2/26, and hurled out a set that was non-stop in every aspect. They never stopped playing, Rollins never stopped his hyperactive flexes, and the band never stopped rocking.

The severe bursts of energy hit the crowd like a crowbar across the jaw, as leather-cowboy hat donning guitarist Jim Wilson tore through riffs with ease while Rollins maniacally gazed along. They cranked out fan favorites like “Monster”, and would jump directly from song to song...often changing instruments mid-riff in order to get a properly tuned rig.

The band was nothing short of tight, but it’s Rollins that makes the shows such a pleasure for pure rock lovers to watch. During a brutal roast of the Vans Warped Tour, Rollins pleaded with the audience to never let anyone they know “listen to that pussified, whiny, oooo-wheee-oooo shit,”, which caused a melee of cheers from the fans, though after a look around it was obvious that a quarter of the room has a Blink 182 disc somewhere in their collection. But the majority of the fans were gung-ho Rollins/Black Flag fans, and they ate it up as Rollins smashed through “Stop, Look and Listen.” Henry seemed to get an extra burst of energy during the set-closer “Your Number Is One”, as he leaped up from his squats like a bodybuilding jack-in-the-box, only to get right back down into his comfy crouch.

Whether you like his music or not, if you love hard rock you simply must catch a show with Rollins Band show. The intensity emitted by Rollins is unmatchable for any one man... let alone one who’s over 40.


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