Surviving the Hard Rock Epidemic
Mike Hess
8/29/2002 10:30:16 AM

"We try to keep the distance between us and the fans as small as possible. "

When your band carries a name as symbolic and burly as 'Epidemic,' your music better back up all the jabber. The men of Epidemic; vocalist Boris B., guitarist Bruce Allan, drummer Tim Ganard and bassist Jimmy McDaniel are slowly undermining the norms in the world of hard rock. Minding their own business, making music that pleases themselves (as proven on their rockin' self-titled Elektra debut)and turning up the intensity at every show are just a few of the ethos Epidemic is proud to boast on.

Hereís what Boris B. had to say about the band, their habits, and just about everything else music-related.

Youíre from Holland, and the other guys are all from the south. Both hold pretty deep roots when it comes to the heavy part of metal. Do you think that transfers into your songs, or do you try to keep it accessible to all sounds?

We try to make it as intense as possible, but we donít just keep on running to be heavy. Our main goal is to write good songs, and what we try to do is write a balanced album that doesnít have 10 heavy songs and one ballad. We tried to make the sequence of the album as a whole, where you can listen to it the entire way through with one go.

Is that because of the current trend of pretty lame albums?

Yeah, Iíve noticed thereís a lot of records that arenít good across the board. Theyíll have 2 or 3 good songs, and the rest is just filler.

European rock is taking off in the states these days. What element do you feel being from outside the US adds to a musician? Is there a certain energy/mindset that European musicians have over American musicians?

As a musician I consider myself an American. Iíve lived here for 4 years in LA, the music I listened to in Holland. I listened to American rock, so I grew up in the same scene they did. Maybe in my lyrics it transfers a little.

Whatís your opinion on current mainstream rock?

I think itís pretty mediocre. Thereís young bands like Sinch trying to do their own thing, but a lot of bands follow each other and thereís not a whole lot of new things. Some bands sound solid, but thereís not originality. Track 3 on the album, ďIndividualĒ, is sort of about the lack of ambition amongst artists.

Not too many people know how frustrating the recording process for an album is. Does the repetition and long hours in the studio take away from an album, or does it fuel the fire that hard rock needs?

Actually, we recorded and mixed our album in about 6 weeks time. Our songs were 90 percent finished when we started recording with the producer, so we were relatively fast. We wrote for 2 years striaght though. We use a 4-track, and then the songs are pretty much set. Usually itís Bruce coming with a bunch of chords and progressions, and Tim alters the beat, and I go with that back and forth. We try to be like the Beatles where Iíll go mess with the guitar, and the drummer will mess with the lyrics. Everybody in the band needs to be completely happy with whatís going on.

Your lyrics, while in-your-face, seem to have a subliminal tone to them. Is that what you strive to do?

Theyíre really thought through, and I spent a lot of time writing them. Everybody in the band looks at the lyrics, and itís something we all think about and have to agree with. Thereís commentary, thereís fierce lyrics, but theyíre not preachy. A lot of people can tell what Iím trying to say, but itís not that obvious and thatís what I want. I like to be beneath the radar, and everyone can interpret it the way they want.

If you were to talk to a person that hasnít heard your music, what would you tell them to focus on?

Check out the record, try to listen to it in one go. Live shows, we go as intense as possible, and there wonít be any of that audience participation, like asking the crowd to Ďmake some noiseí. We tend to think thatís pretty lame. Thatís whatís wrong with a lot of shows. You see bands saying Ďmake some noiseí and all that to the crowd. We try to be on an equal level with the crowd and throw down the best we can. We try to keep the distance between us and the fans as small as possible.

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