Blade 2: wicked action
Phil Davetas
9/18/2002 6:05:09 PM

David Goyer asks, "Who wouldnít want to be a vampire?" One of the pros he mentions is that the sex is better. First of all, youíre dead (undead to be technical) which would pretty much fuck your chances for establishing a full-on chub. If that Lava and Irish Spring and a gallon of Old Spice helps subdue that rancid smell of coagulated blood and festering innards, then maybe you can snatch up a one-nightiní babe. Sure, you can say youíve lived forever and said you were listening to music before MP3s, but I would think that would sorta grate after a century or two. It would make me wanna take that full-on UV sun tan to finish me off.

The thing is, itís the mythology that we watch and not the practicality of being a necromancer. And in the end, we just wanna see good olí fascist carnage. David Goyer said on the original Blade commentary, "In movies like this structure, is king." And Blade 2 has a great set-up. Blade is now hunting with the vamps to save them from a genetically fucked-with race of super vamps called reapers. But the story itself drags when a bulk of the flick turns into a hide and seek flick like Aliens. Everyoneís just running around and trying to kill as many reapers as possible. Itís not that the death scenes arenít cool. I mean, who doesnít enjoy a severed head here and there? Of course many people who watch the Blade films, watch for Wesley slashing his way through the plot not giving two shits about the structure. And the fight scenes are more martial arts oriented, but mixed with some very hokey CGIóas if youíre watching a Nintendo game.

There is a great sequence in a vamp club with hundreds of extras and some wicked action going on. From a filmmaking perspective itís a well executed scene considering the amount of people that needed to be organized. But this is also reminiscent of the rave scene in the original film.

In the end, itís not a bad slice of the genre, but itís in many ways much like the originalówhere Blade is in the enemyís fortress and held prisoner for whatever reason. They donít kill him, they just keep him alive long enough so he can escape and kill everyone. And I must say, there is one of the coolest death sequences Iíve scene in recent film.

DVD Rating

A lot of love went into designing this 2-disk DVD. In "The Blood Pact" an 83-minute documentary of various aspects of the Blade films, you punch enter when you see a glyph in the corner to see "a hidden segment" and is really annoying and interrupts the forward motion of the doc itself. But there is good information somewhere in there, itís just in the wrong place. But for us film fiends, itís a treasure to have access to this knowledge.

Since the invention of the DVD Iíve been asking myself whatís it worth to watch a movie at the theatres? Itís cheaper to rent the DVD and you get more stuff with it. In this DVD you get plenty of screensavers, the obligatory deleted/alternate scenes, a music video and other cool shit.

Easter Egg: If you have a DVD-ROM you can steal the Blade 2 theme on MP3. Go to Common Folder, then the Win folder, then Archive folder and open the Downloads folder and there ya go. Actually, on many of the Warner Bros. DVDs from 1999-2001 you can do the same with their trailers. But donít fucking tell anybody.

3 out of Four

R, 2002, 117 min, New Line Home Entertainment.

Wesley Snipes, Kris Kirstofferson, Ron Pearlman, Leonor Varela, Norma Reedus, Luke Goss. Music by Marco Beltrami and Danny Saber, D.P. Gabriel Beristain, Produced by Peter Frankfurt, Wesley Snipes and Patrick Palmer, Written by David S. Goyer. Directed by Guillermo del Toro.


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