Hemophiliac: the Ultimate Brain Bleed
Vincent Francone
10/7/2002 9:36:54 PM

John Zorn/Mike Patton/Ikue Mori: All Things Harsh and Beautiful

Black turns to pink to red to orange and white, all in the time it takes to blink two eyes. A blast of alto coupled with fuzz from the machines, lingering static, laughing noise, laughing at anyone daring enough to listen. And a shriek from deep inside, a madman's anguished utterance, a barbaric war cry, a tremendous release. All the rage of the collective organism is let loose in a rush of fluid. Life as it is known has ceased and been remade, shifted, altered, manipulated, changed utterly into black, into pink, into red, into orange, into white.

Somewhere in this electronic landscape an organic sound exists. Mountains erupt and the sea is at a standstill, anticipating the crashing rain, the sweeping winds. All life hinges on this moment of catharsis. One by one, each star is extinguished. The sky cries.

We are being taken for a ride and we know not where we will be when it is over, but we know we will not be where we were. Never again.

Al this and more can be found on the double CD by John Zorn, Mike Patton and Ikue Mori, Hemophiliac [Tzadik] but you have special order it from www.tzadik.com. If there are any left, it is worth ordering if only to have the autographed CD slip case. Otherwise, run away. Scatter. This is not for you. It is pure hell. Screams and saxophone blasts and drum machine mayhem. Nothing resembling traditional songs. Just chaos. Live chaos. Not for the squeamish. Perfect for anyone looking to throughly scrub their gray matter.


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