Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
Phil Davetas
10/14/2002 4:50:46 PM

I can't say that I'm a big fan of fast food, but when I get hungry I wanna eat, man. True, I can't dig on veggies and I'd rather scarf down a 15-pound burrito with extra guacamole and maybe I'll slide down an Oki Dog if I feel like heading to West Hollywood. I've heard the horror stories about the food industry and I'm not a squeamish fella. (Remember that dame that found a fried chicken noggin in her Chicken McNuggets? Or the guy who decapitated a mouse while biting into a Big Mac? And this happened while the book was in print.)

While conversing with some sports coaches to scoop up some health and diet tips, I was directed to Fast Food Nation [Perennial Paperbacks]. Looking to research food service and corporate manipulation? Looking for scandal on the industry? This is the book to find it. Fast Food Nation goes straight through the low-paid immigrants that worked speed-induced overtime at their poorly-kept, diseased-infested slaughterhouses --only to have lost a finger or two and ground right into the very burger that you pay your hard-earned dollars to have that resentful minimum-waged kid hand it to you-- which you ignorantly shove in your mouth. It explores the many psychologically manipulative ad campaigns targeting children who force their parents to buy them that Crappy Meal. It even goes into explaining those recipes and what's really in those fries. All you vegetarians who think you're cool snacking down on a McDonald's fry--that's not the 100% vegetable oil that Mac promises. Hindus, get ready to be sick. Those fries are fried in beef tallow. And that medium Coke should only cost you 10 cents.

Fast Food Nation is not just fast food bashing. Actually, Schlosser started out to write an honest portrait of the industry, but McDonald's fucked up so many times that's it's too hard to ignore. People have died from eating fast food --and thatís not plaque-clogged arteries theyíre talking about. This book points at diseases that start at the meat packing plants themselves. As consumers, we have much to be responsible for, but our lives should not be on the line when we buy that Big Mac. A Big Mac costs about a buck fifty? That's how much it could cost you to die.

For all you parents out there that value your children's lives, I'd recommend this book and take serious heed to what your children put into their bodies. Soon, enough they're gonna discover sex, drugs and alcohol, but please don't let McDonald's pick them off before you get your guard up. We're all dependent on food for survival, itís a sick irony if that very food might kill us.

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