OK Go! Gone Big-Time
J. Gordon
10/15/2002 10:16:31 AM

“Star Quality,” is how my 40-something male friend put it. “Mmmmm…” was how most of the young girls said it. In any case, the entire crowd at St. Louis’ Duck Room in Blueberry Hill were creaming their jeans when Chicago-based OK Go took the stage October 14th.

Jeez, I don’t mean to get away from the subject of the tunes too much, but is lead singer Damien Kulash not the most gorgeous thing to step out of pop music since Rufus Wainwright? (I’m talking looks here, the music’s a whole different vibe). This guy’s so cute it’s truly difficult to pay attention to anything else going on. The rest of the band ain’t chopped liver, either. Touring on their eponymous release [Capitol Records], the band packed the place on an otherwise lackluster Monday night in St. Louis.

Masters of the three-minute, full-out, can’t stop dancing rock ditty, OK Go are like the Brit-pop of Blur meeting the punky Hives. Damien’s voice is smooth and cheeky, backing vocals are right-on and well-placed, and the musicianship is incredible. They’re getting considerable radio play for their hit, “Get Over It,” (which has an excellent video. Check it out on www.hollywoodandvine.com) and they’re guaranteed to have at least a handful more from that same CD in the Top 40. That is, if radio doesn’t completely implode on itself from all that Creed crap they’ve been spinning.

The band rocked the venue hard with every track from their messy, fun pop CD, and several amusing covers (including White Snake’s “Here I Go Again”) to round things out and keep the audience happy in the enchores (after all, their discography is pretty spare in these early days of their predictably fabulous future). A minor mosh-pit formed during, of all things, “Crimson and Clover,” and they closed with the old Specials’ tune, "Nite Klub," written probably before any of them were born but delivered in full, authentic punkitude: I won’t dance in a club like this / all the girls are sluts / and the beer tastes like PISS! Awwwwwwwwwww!

Rawk! St. Louis will never be still again.


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