The Boondock Saints
Phil Davetas
11/2/2002 8:24:50 PM

The Boondock Saints (3 1/2 out of Four)
R, 2000, 107 min., Fox Home Video.

Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Willem Dafoe, Billy Connolly, David Della Rocco, Bob Marley, Brian Mahoney, Gerard Parkes, David Ferry, Carlo Rota, Ron Jeremy, Jeanna Fine, Music by Jeff Danna, Executive Producers Andrew Stevens, Ashok Amritaj, Produced by Elie Samaha, Lloyd Segan, Robert Fried and Chris Brinker and Written and Directed by Troy Duffy.

Two Irish twins celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by trouncing two Russian gangsters who are trying to close the twins' favorite bar. The twins then start a long and bloody career of killing evil-doers to help out their laborious god, God. Another great movie that'll piss off the Legion of Decency and your local PTA.

There's a drought in independent film much like the Hollywood's fetish for beating dead horses. It's good to see that decent filmmaking, writing and heart can still exist in modern film. What makes The Boondock Saints different than Desperado is the lack of choreographed shoot-outs. Much of the splatterhouse effects take place in flashback via Willem Dafoe's ballistic analysis. Some of the fanciful cinematography is almost myth-like, but it works considering it's seen from Dafoe's hypotheses and mixed with the reality of the shoot-outs. There's one classic shot of Dafoe conducting a symphony of gunfire while the saints materialize in and out of his analysis.

The deleted scenes are obligatory, but there is a long hilarious scene with their mother calling from Ireland. That shouldn't be missed. And for all you people who like seeing naked asses, the latter shows some ass. And this time it's not that muskrat, Ron Jeremy.

Special Features:

So-so Deleted Scenes, Good Outtakes, Trailer, Cast and Filmmaker Filmographies.

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