Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Phil Davetas
11/2/2002 8:37:31 PM

A masturbatory celebration of quite good anime --and that's the reason to watch it. Great animation aside, this story is thin and on more levels than one. If it were a live-action movie, it would just be another Tomb Raider check-your-brain-at-the-door flick This was a film built for simplicities sake, with extremely bad dialogue and an equally cheesy score reminiscent of Trevor Rabin's Armageddon.

Centuries ahead in an apocalyptic future, the half-man and half-vampire, D, is hunting a kidnapped girl. He agrees to the task for twenty million dollars—but for what reason? He doesn't eat, pay rent, or have car payments. Whatever. But D has competition--an elite bounty hunting team with an odd assortment of characters. Much of this should sound familiar if you've seen Blade 2. What's missing in this flick is action. With all anime, there is the obligatory fight sequence where time is suspended to a ridiculous extent. D and his opponent clash weapons until one of them is weak with fatigue, and the plot continues around them. Animation lovers won’t mind, however, and should just dig up their stock of K.Y. and go at it.

Special Features:
Many Trailers of distributor's stock, fans' favorite scene poll, Trailer and TV spots.

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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2 1/2 out of Four)
R, 2000, 90 min., Vision Home Entertainment.


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