Moistboyz III: Rock 'N' Fuckin' Roll
Vincent Francone
11/14/2002 11:55:17 AM

There's nothing like all American rock and roll with lots of attitude. There seems to be a lack of this in today's market, leaving fans of chunky guitars and lyrics about booze and ass-kicking hungry and sad. The Moistboyz understand this and are here to help.

From the opening of Moistboyz III [Ipecac] the listener knows what they are in for- red-blooded rock-and-roll, infused with a little humor and a lot of swagger. "Shitheel" is something like an instant classic with the non-stop lyrics of Dicky Moist sailing over the very cool guitar work of Mickey Moist (AKA Dean Ween). It grabs by the shoulders and shakes hard, opening the record and spreading the remainder of songs (gems in their own right, especially "The Tweaker" and "Five Time Loser") like the pork lard in which they claim the CD was pressed.

You basically know what to expect from song titles like "I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass" and "I am the Reaper", so it is pretty easy to tell if this is the CD for you. Rock and Roll Southwest style, bar room brawl style, Marlboro Red style. Good ol' fashion guitars and pissed-off beer-drunk vocals. Fun for the whole family.


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