Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete First Season
Phil Davetas
11/18/2002 2:53:29 AM

For all those in love with the Buffy show and for those who've missed the re-runs, you can add this to your collection. There are no deleted scenes or any material that you haven't seen from the show. It’s a straight- forward DVD for collectors, with the addition of interviews with the show's creator, Joss Whedon and actor, David Boreanaz. Each virus- and commercial-free episode has a special features category to watch the interviews, but it's the same interview in each one, however, each disk has a different interview. The problem with the show is that, watching over time, the viewer realizes that each character begins to have the same dialogue. Xander's "Mr. Whatever-Whoever-guy" one-liners become annoying when all the characters start using those lines. There are other lines when all the older adults are dishing out the same slang as the children and it feels out of place. Much of the CGI and make-up are weak. Who cares about a demon-hunting doll, a praying mantis substitute teacher, psychotic cheerleaders? What are most interesting are the relationships of Buffy and friends and their complex soap opera adolescent developments.

The problem with boxed sets is that your local video store will sometimes swindle you out of rentals. Some video stores will break up the boxed sets into separate disks and charge each one like a regular video, while others will let you rent out the boxed sets as one rental. And some video stores will not rent the boxed sets at all because they don't want to appear as though they're cheating the customers. Alas, the boxed sets are only for sale in their cases and quite expensive. It's no wonder why Kazaa (media desktop file sharing) makes it easier for people. A lot of us aren't rich.

Special Features:

Interviews, Commentary on Selected Episodes, Scripts of Selected Episodes.

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NR, 1997, 3 Disks, Fox Home Video.


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